Thursday, April 2, 2009

A very sad day

It has been a beautiful day here in Aberdeen but once again a very dark and sombre mood hangs over the city and another tragedy in the oil industry.....not nearly on the scale of the "Piper Alpha" disaster but none the less the tragic loss of 16 lives aboard a Bond Helicopter from BP Miller....only last month a helicopter ditched in the North Sea and thankfully all personnel were recovered safe and well.....tragically not this time.  We, like many folk in Aberdeen...have friends who regularly travel to work offshore by helicopter and thankfully they were not aboard this flight.    My heart goes out to the families..loved ones and friends of these brave men...and I pray that the bodies of those still missing will be recovered quickly.
Hugs Kath xxxxx


  1. So sorry :(to hear the sad News Kath:(
    Praying and sending thoughts your way ..and to all those who have been affected by this tragic tragic accident:(:(:(

  2. It is a shockk to see these things happen, my heart has been in my mouth waiting to here as my friend's husband works offshore but it's couldn't phone to see if he was involved!! I am almost 100% sure he's not but it's a close thing every time we see this, so soon after the last one too!

    My thoughts and prayers are with the families of all those involved



  3. It's a terrible thing to happen and so soon after the last one - sad, sad news indeed - you always wonder if you know someone personally - it's so close to home...
    Those poor famlies and the men lost to the sea ...

  4. Such sad news. My prayers go out to their loved ones.


  5. Very sorry to hear that sad news.

  6. I heard about this on Sky news, it's just awful :-( The people and families and friends of people working on oil rigs must always have the fear of something happening, it's a dangerous job ! What a tradgedy :-(
    My thoughts are with the families and friends involved.
    Another tradgedy, the family who died in a house fire in Doncaster is in my thoughts too, I am from near there and it does affect you. :-(
    Lorraine x

  7. Indeed,it is extreemly sad.May they rest in peace and the friends and families have the strenght to cope with their loss.

  8. It was really awful Kath. I only just caught up here, so apols xxxx Even though we are not near, this sort of thing does get to me and Rich cos he used to work offshore and was helicoptered in and out. He does sometimes think about going back to it but when you hear things like this, I'm just glad he isn't doing that anymore. Not sure how true it is but I heard that one of the pour souls that died was actually on the helicopter that ditched a few weeks ago and he survived that. That made my blood run cold I can tell you. Hugs dear friend xxxxx


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