Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Daily Commute

Morning folks.....up with the birdies this morning and hasn't the weather been absolutely glorious over the last few days...... what have I been up to...lazing in the sun.....AFRAID NOT...I've been working.....not the playing around crafting kinda stuff....now that's FUN WORK  but REAL WORK.....Sunday was spent mowing the lawn and tidying the garden and yesterday.....well got some more painting done in the kitchen....but I must admit I am feeling a little bit lazy this morning..... and it's a bit of thought to get back to work....and I'm not the only one......my gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness...."The Budster" or to give him his kennel name "His Lordship Laurence".....well named I think.....he has this air of  "Do you Know Who I Am?" about him.....isn't too keen either.....he just wants to soak up the sun and lazy around in the garden....what's new there your Lordship....

If I don't look at her....she will maybe just go and leave me in peace
oh poor boy...he is really struggling to keep his eyes open
 can't lazy about here all day....it's time to get to work
and that means "the daily commute"
now it's not exactly an ardous journey....some 25 odd paces from the
back door to the cubbyhole...no struggling with rush hour traffic
for me....the only hassle I have is from a certain road hog with
four legs and golden hair...he often tries to cut me out as
the path  narrows to one lane....he really has no manners
it ain't LADIES FIRST with him.
a quick "Good Morning" to the wildlife on the way
and we've arrived....stress free and all set to get to work....
or maybe just a sit down and a quick coffee before we get started
I am so loving the warm sunny weather.....I can craft with the door open
and a comfy chair and a quick cuppa are never far away.....
REMEMBER Blog Candy Give-Away closes at 8pm tonight...
so if you haven't got your name in the hat yet.....you need to get your skates on
Funky Hand Samples have gone off in the post.......so I thought I would
share with you all just a few sneaky peeks
I think I may have a go at some challenges this morning......so catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Good morning to you to (eve if it's afternoon here in Malaysia). Hope you have a good day and lovely pictures of The Budster! hugs from Nilla

  2. The Budster looks so adorable. Sounds like you are both enjoying the lovely weather. My Skipper is soaking up the sunshine on the bridge at the back! The life of pets.:-)
    have a great day.

  3. Morning Kath
    Well what an idyllic life - the golden Budster, Crafty Cubby Hole, Sun, table and chairs outside for some R & R - When can I move in??? LOL

    I know you have this award already but I want you to know you make me laugh on a daily basis with your tales from Westhills!!


  4. Hi Kath! What a stunning dog you have - he's beautiful & he looks like he knows it too! Give him a cuddle from me. Best wishes. Jill T

  5. Hiya Kath, lovely piccys, the budster is so gorgeous and so living the life!. Joey.x

  6. Oh Kath you just crack me up! I love reading your blog enteries, so funny! Hugs to the Budster, they really don't have any manners at all LOL. My Lab tries the crossing lane tactic normally on the stairs.....scary moments all round LOL!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  7. fabby piccies Kath, love the first one of the budster.........our Gypsy gives us the same pose lol Wish I had crafty cubby hole like yours even if you do have to put up with men cutting you up on the road heehee


    Amanda xxx

  8. Hi Kath, I love tuning in to your blog every day. Perfect setting to craft and your budster is gorg. I couldn't get my 3 dogs to sit still tho'!!

  9. Oh I know that Look! I get it too every once in a while. =) Enjoy the lovely spring air and happy crafting!
    Hugs, SannaS

  10. Gorgeous piccies Kath, he's adorable.I've just told my right hand helper Buffy aboout him, I know from her expression she understands and will pass on to George and Abbey !

    Brenda x

  11. Ah that boy! He is so handsome. Would love to have a doggy snuggle one day :o)

  12. Hi Kath. the weather is good here today too. Buddy ceretainly lives the good life. thank you for the lovely comments on my blog, I am so thrilled to be your friend, hop on over to http://craftworkcards.blogspot.com/

    Love and Hugs Carol x

  13. hi kath...your post really was a lovely humerous read and made me smile.....have a wonderful day...and your garden looks beautiful..and your dog..well those eyes could melt the hardest of hearts...aw bless..hugs sassyxxx

  14. Please keep that weather for another month or so. I'm coming home in June and it would be so nice to see Scotland in the sunshine for a change!
    Love your blog!!

  15. Just found your blog and I love it. Not learnt how to do links yet so can't enter your scrummy giveaway but many congrats on topping 100 000 visitors and good luck to all who have entered


  16. well thats a fabulous commute! love your pictures and Buddy :)

  17. Wow...I'm a bit jealous ( not really, I'm too old...I mean mature for that. (lol) I sure enjoyed your commute tho. Sounds like a little piece of Heaven here on earth. Enjoy it all..even the roadhog...he is adorable!!!

  18. Wow, what a pleasure it must be to actually have a door to the outside in your crafting area!! just the best :)
    Samples look interesting and loved looking atthe pics.
    Hugs, Marlene x

  19. Stunning piccis of his lordship lol. thanks for sharing your piccis and can't wait to see the whole cards too. Have a lovely evening Kath.

  20. dear Buddy .....can i come and stay with you!
    i have to work so hard at my house....and then I get the blame for digging holes!!!
    much love Poppy-dog.

    my mum loves the sneaky peeks.


  21. Gorgeous photos Kath.Doesn't Buddy look so regal and so gorgeous.Love the sneaky peeks.Had lots of April showers here today in between the sun.
    Cass xxx

  22. Oh This brought a tear to my eyes just a couple of years ago my two goldies were laying in the sunshine now they are both at sleep but oh i do miss them, your goldie is just beautiful

  23. Gorgeous dog- I love your blog :***

  24. Haha...you put a smile on my face, Kath. I love the way you tell story...you are really good! And I'm so so envy of your craft room! I wish I have one like yours!

  25. Your dog is so pretty ! I have also a golden retriever, she is so nice.
    Have a nice day.

  26. Oh what a delightful tour you gave your blogging friends here. It felt like I am walking with you and the Lordship to your crafting haven. I am sure commuting this heavenly piece of earth daily, must really put a spring in your step. Even the little sparrow looks well looked after with all that food. Hugs from Desire

  27. love your blog entries chickie! i always get a chuckle ~ lovin those pics..and great hearing about your daily venture


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