Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crafters are Sexy

Yes I'm back and I know what you are thinking....the old gal has finally flipped....the old pain in the neck has got to her big's not some loony Government Poll either.....but the words of the delicious Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen who has just launched a Craft Range....from wallpaper to scrapbook paper....a natural progression don't you think.....just his designs downsized to 12 x 12 I suppose.
Sitting this morning with my cuppa outside in the beautiful sunshine with my latest copy of Papercraft Inspirations and lo and behold on the front cover.....CRAFTERS ARE SEXY....well that is so kind of him but obviously he can't see what I can see and SEXY isn't the word that springs to mind......old towelling dressy like a bird's make up...a sight fit only for the birdies....and a I know where I have been going wrong.......according to LLB......."be bold with what you are doing and if necessary half a bottle of Chardonnay helps.....well blow me over....all this time I have been drinking the wrong wine.
And on the subject of revelations.....up for more than a hour before I realised that "Mr Pain in the Neck" has decided to weird is that.....can't believe after the pain I was in yesterday....overnight everything has sorted itself out.....maybe now "Mr Mojo" will come back.....well folks hope you are all looking SEXY this to get crafting but a little too early to crack open the Chardonnay.....catch up with you all soon on Penny Black Saturday.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. oh kath you do make me laugh, you'll be getting a reputation.....having all those misters mojo and pain-in-the-neck!!! but hey it must be because we is a sexy lot....have a good saturday where did i put that bottle of chardonay?????
    helen x

  2. Actually Kath my shabby towelling gown, mis-match PJs (top different to bottom) and my 'always on my feet work shoes' better known as slippers makes for a more than sexy appearance this bright Saturday morning. Well if we are putting ourselves up against Mr LLB's dress sense that is!! Glad you are pain free this morning.
    Love as ever
    Anice xx

  3. oh Kath am pmsl here, you've just described me to a T apart from sitting in the sunshine lol
    Happy Saturday
    Anne x

  4. Well all I can say is: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for the really handy tip about the Chardonnay. Hugs from Desire (thanks for the chuckle!)

  5. Oh Kath, you've put a smile on my face this dreary morning. There's no sun in sight what so ever where I am, but we live in hope. And as for being sexy, well I like to craft in my scruffs, which is an old pair of holey jeans and an old t.shirt.
    Happy crafting
    tracy x

  6. hmmmm chardonnay seems to be the answer to a lot of things - maybe I should try it lol

  7. Oh kath you are a tonic - you made me giggle away
    love tasha xx