Friday, April 10, 2009

A very Sad Day

Morning Folks.....a very sad day at Chez Kath....and if you have been over to Tag You're will know why.....I have had a real up and down week and am so going to miss all my lovely tagger buddies.
Due to increased work loads....the Design Team have reluctantly decided that we cannot give the committment to Tag You're It that it that's it folks...Tag You're It is going to the big bloggy heaven in the sky.    Thank you so much for all your lovely birthday greetings and I found it quite emotional reading through them all..... knowing that this would be our last challenge.
From the bottom of my heart I sincerely apologise to all the lovely folks who applied for our Design Team Call.....perhaps we thought this would be the solution to our problems but on wouldn't have been fair to bring new folks on board and not be able to give them the support and committment that they deserve.
I have so enjoyed being part of the Tag You're It Design Team......thank you girls for a fun time....a big thank you to our sponsors for their generosity and most of all...a BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you for joining in the fun every week......have loved visiting you all to see your fabulous tags.......oh I am going to miss it dreadfully but let's end on a happy note.....the winner of my give-away........

(Metalic Butterfly)

loved your delicious pink tag
If you e-mail me your address Emma....I will have your goodies winging their way to you.
Bye for now.....happy crafting all....will be back later with some good news for all you
 crafty shopping addicts out there.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Morning Kath

    Really sad news about the TYI Challenge Blog. I have really enjoyed taking part in the challenges over the last few weeks and shall miss producing my tag on a Friday.

    I have left a message on the TYI blog.

    I hope that the crick in your neck has improved!!

    Love Jules xx

  2. sorry to hear that Kath, I only started joining in on the last few weeks and enjoyed the challenges that I did but I know you are busy busy anyway and will have plenty other DT stuff to keep you even busier

  3. Hi Kath!

    I was so sorry to hear the sad news over at TYI I logged on this morning to check out the dt call and collect this weeks challenge...
    I will miss the TYI challenge but totally understand everybodys decision..
    thanks for the great challenges...

    on a brighter note yipee I won your prize i'll e-mail you my details...

    Emma xxx

  4. Oh what sad news... I know I haven't managed to join in for a few weeks but TYI was one of my favourites...

    Big hugs for you today...

    Lorraine xxx

  5. What a sad day. Loved this challenge lots, mainly because it was not your typical promotional vehicle for specific products. I for one cannot afford to keep buying stuff:))
    Thanks for the hard work for TYI. I'll still pop by off course.

  6. so so sorry to about TYI chickie ~ but totally understandable ~ you have been a wonderful inspiration ~ and i have thoroughly enjoyed participating each week since i joined. but, no worries ~ i got ya on my blog list and am so looking forward to seeing your future creations. thankx again for all the work you've put into TYI this past year. big hugz xoxo

  7. Sad News sorry to see you go...
    `Good luck` in all you choose to do Kath...big hugs((())))):)x

  8. Hi Kath! I am deeply saddened by the recent development in TagYoureIt! My TYI project renewed my passion for scrapbooking and for this, I am very thankful. I did finish my project and can viewed here. Thank you and good luck on all your endeavors.