Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just to say Thank You

.Morning All.....another misty morning here in Aberdeen but I have a feeling it's going to lift and be another fabulously sunny day just like yesterday.....wow 5 or 6 beautiful days on the trot....I hope this is going to be the start of a great summer...BUT and there is always a but with our weather....... I don't want to be a party pooper....we had this kind of glorious weather last year in May.....a week of gorgeous sun and that was it......never saw as much as another blink.
But doesn't this weather get your old mojo going.....I am loving it.......up and raring to go and I don't even mind being stuck in my cubbyhole crafting.........the door wide open...watching the birdies going about their business...."The Budster" flat out and snoring.... and I can always pop out for a seat in the garden and a quick coffee or two...or three.
Now onto the important stuff of the day...I have a big THANK YOU to say to all the lovely buds who left such kind comments on my post about.....

my feature week at Craftwork Cards
and as promised......a little goodie bag for one lucky commenter chosen at random

5 Scalloped Cards and Envelopes
Basically Black Papers
A Set of "Here Come The Girls" stamps
Card Candy and Buttons
Now the stamps have been inked a couple of times and yes how naughty am I....look as though they haven't been cleaned very well.....but I will sort that out before I send them
and the lucky winner is........
(Floral Fantasies)
If you e-mail me your address (you will find it on my profile)
I will get your Craftwork Card goodies off in the post
Can I also say a BIG THANK YOU to
my Number 1 Fan on the Craftworks Cards blog.....well if the truth be known.....my only fan....thanks for your lovely comments Betty and if you e-mail me your address....I will get a little thank you parcel off to you in the post.
Well that's all for now......off to walk "The Budster" and then back to the cubbyhole......Funky Hand CD is calling......lots of samples done yesterday and yes even a challenge card.....will be back later to share and if I get time......the birthday boy pics.
P.S. Working to a tight schedule this week folks.....just 2 more sleeps until my special visitor arrives.....any ideas.....oh I know I am being naughty......but I am so excited....can't wait for Thursday.....we are going to have the best day......lots of fun and crafty chat with a bite of lunch thrown in.....and NO....it's not TH.
P.S. No 2...... Good guess Emma....but NO it's not Dawn but that is a story for another day.....


  1. Waw you are so generous! Congrats girls! Hugs, Moni

  2. Ohh Kath,

    you are such a sweetie and always giving, hope the weather holds out for you hun!!

    is your special visitor Dawn?

    Emma xxx

  3. OH my goodness - just come in from a hard days shopping (Monsoon is such hard work !!)and found your message on my blog. What can I say but thank you so much, will mail my details as requested.

    Buffy and Abby (the labs) are so excited as well.

    Brenda xx

  4. Oooh now who can it beeeeee!!
    Is it Lorraine!??


  5. Hello Mrs just popping by to say hi yes in my absence i have become a poet :D no only kidding. Hope you are well and causing havoc somewhere lol. So who could be coming to tea then mmmmmm Dawny P maybe? Trying really hard to get into this blogging marlarky again. Been making baby thank you cards for an age now. been looking at your sensational creations loving them all. take care Mrs speak soon.

  6. Hi Kath

    Been mulling over your mystery visitor. Could it be Anice - your boss from Funky Hand?? Perhaps you have done so many samples for her she needs to collect them in person???

    I would love it to be me as it sounds a fab day - but if it is you need to get back to me quickly as I need to book annual leave and train tickets. Tee hee!!!

    Take care - love Jules xx

  7. Yaah way to go Kathon..
    `Your Feature Wekk` You `Rock`:)♥

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