Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We've been very NAUGHTY

Morning Folks...yes crafty partner and I have been very naughty...but let's start with me...because I am bigger and older...I've been playing again when I should have been getting stuck into some serious work and what's my excuse...well I had a square left of that gorgeous washed out paper from Pink Petticoat and rather than waste it...I thought "let's do another Hero Arts Club Challenge card"

to be honest I could play all week with Hero Arts stamps but had to give myself a good talking too...far too much to do or I will end up like last week and skidding in by the seat of my pants with the DT stuff.
Paper: Pink Pettitcoat...Washed Out Collection...Duck Egg Blue
Stamps: Hero Arts Printed Flowers
Flowers: Prima
Buttons and Charm from my stash
Sentiment: Basic Grey..White Choc Chip Stickers
A little bit of faux stitching and the usual inking to finish off
And my crafting partner...what has he been up to...well if you are a regular visitor to Chez Kath you will all know  "The Budster" and  if I say so myself he is rather snuggly bundle of golden deliciousness ...well MOST OF THE TIME but if you are of a nervous disposition or were perhaps thinking of getting a Goldie to look away now.....
this is how he looked yesterday after our lunchtime walk at the Forest
"well I just fancied a bit of a swim Mum and how was I to know that the water was mucky" and believe me folks this is a treat to how he looked when we arrived home...he was well and truly hosed down and sent to his bed in the lolling on the sofa for you naughty boy.
But people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...we've both been a bit naughty today and he doesn't get annoyed at me for faffing around making challenge cards so all is forgiven but you could say...he is now my bundle of Dirty Brown and Stinky Deliciousness.  Will be back with another challenge card later...well now I've made them it would be so rude not to share....
Hugs Kath xxxxxxxx


  1. Wowww Kath,what a beautiful card,l love the flowers and colours.

    Hugs Riet.x

  2. So the colors you have used!
    Fredrikke :o)

  3. Gorgeous card, Kath! I know all about naughty dogs, got two big ones myself!But they are adorable when they sleep:-) hugs from Nilla

  4. Oh, my! You two HAVE been naughty!!!! But you can tell the Budster that even if he's stinky and dirty, he's still a sweetie! LOL =D

  5. beautiful card Kath, sorry but I had to laugh at Buddy, is he one of those dogs who - if you give him a bath - will run round the garden like a mad thing rubbing himself in as much birdie poo as he can find? we had a poodle when I was a kid that used to do that every time she had a bath, so it was a bit of a wasted exercise lol

  6. I love that card. the colours! the flowers! so stylish! And Budster looks very cute all dirty. Glad your blog doesn't have smell technology though

  7. Gorgeous - so much interest but not fussy - just perfect!
    Pauline x

  8. A lovely card!
    Oh Buddy! =D
    Sadly this looks familiar ;)

    You and the Budster have a great day!

    Hugs, SannaS

  9. Ha ha ha had a nice old giggle now at the Budster. Way to go Budster, puts your Mammie right in her place for always spending hours of self indulgence in that cubby hole of hers! Hugs from Desire

  10. fabby card and naughty doggy but I bet he enjoyed himself- they seem to think eau de ponginess is wonderful!

  11. OMG Kath my sides are hurting with the pain of laughter. Poor Buddy, I can imagine the air when he went for a swim. Scrummy card but the Budster wins hands down fro scrummyness (even if is a bit stinky :) ) Have a smashing day. Woof to the Budster ;)

  12. Eeeeewwwwwww Buddy!!!
    i am so not letting Poppy see that photo!!!

    she loves stinky manky water!!!

    she was stealing bread from the bird table today!

    is there no end to their fun????

    oh lovely card BTW! it is very pretty,
    love tina xx

  13. The card is gorge! but Buddy is the star of this show lol

    Love Dawn xx

  14. wheee what a beauty KAth - your style is so distinctive and gorgeous!

    Now!!! Where do we start with The Budster - looks like he had a whale of a time and boy does he look cream crackered - ooh look at those mucky paws - Blesss!!!

  15. What a beautiful card....and a wonderful story and photos of Budsters walk and swim.

  16. That is a gorgeous card Kath. As for Buddy - naughty boy. Wet dog is not a nice smell! lol