Friday, April 24, 2009

Is it Just Me

Evening's Friday night and I hope you are all chilling out after a long week at work....well that was my intention.....came up to the 'puter intending to do some blog hopping and spreading some bloggy love....and would you believe....that old git....Mr Blogger is playing silly beggars again......on a go slow and don't know what game he is playing tonight but he has moved some of my posts around.......have had off to lie down in a darkened room for 15 minutes until I get my sanity back......and then I am off for my nightly MARCO fix......and who do you think will be voted off be honest I would be quite happy if any of the 4 won......but I think it could be between Ade or Linda.....boys versus girls....catch up with you all tomorrow and here's hoping Mr Blogger behaves and posts my Penny Black Saturday stuff......because the old gal is thinking of having a bit of a lie-in.
Hugs Kath xxxxx
P.S. Oh it's so sad.....Niomi has gone.....I didn't really want anybody to go tonight....what a lovely bunch they back loving them all.....and hey I have changed my mind about Ade.....he is gorgeous and such a nice guy.......and of course......Marco The Man.....I told you....didn't I....he is just the nicest sweetest pussy cat and a man who smiles with his eyes....does it for me everytime.


  1. Hi Kath i thought i was going loopy lol he has been messing around with my blog too :( so you're not alone!hope you have a fab weekend!hugs amanda xx

  2. It's not just you Kath...I've not had much time for blogging this's been a nightmare week work wise...and I finally have a moment tonight to catch-up...and it's soooooooo took me 6 attempts to get a photo uploaded to a post...and when I try to visit my bloggy buddies...the pages are taking ages to load...if they load at all...ggggggrrrrrrr!
    I think I'm going to give up too..and have a large glass of something red!
    Helen x

  3. Hi Kath,

    the whole of the internet is playing up for me tonight, I cant even get on my blog only just managed to get on yours.....well at least it has good taste!!

    Emma xxx

  4. You really are not alone. I thought I was going crazy yesterday and had to give up in frustration, but today has been my lucky day and he's obviously paying you a vist instead!

  5. Hi Kath wow it seems that blogger is getting worse no wonder some are escaping over to wordpress. It has been playing up quite a bit lately hope you can post your card ok.

    Lorraine x

  6. Hiya KAth

    I hate bloomin' blogger if it wasn't too much hassle I'd move over to Typepad.My playlist has gone never to be seen again and there is so much stuff missing from peoples' blogs.
    I don't like Ade too much - He always has something snidey to say about the others.

    Have a great weekend!!


  7. Hello there lovely Mr Blogger is very very norty!!!He certainly dosent like me tonight Kath!!!!
    Have a lovely Saturday..
    Hope you enjoyed HK:)!♥

  8. Hi Kath, mines playing up too!

    Just getting around the blogs after returning from Maddy's, lovely to see you again. :)

  9. Perhaps Mr blogger has been taking lessons from my boss!! HK was good tonight...the only one of the three left that i know, is the one that was in Dynasty...who are the other two??

    Carol x

  10. Lol poor you with Mr Blogger - he likes to play games alot keeps sending me viruses!

    I love Ade - he is hillarious! I used to love Bottom though when i was a teenager so he has already got my vote lol

    love tasha xx