Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sneaky Peek and we've been so naughty

Hi Folks.....back again with just one sneaky peek....but before I let you have a peek....I have a confession to make.....I have been so naughty.....and my excuse....blame it all on the painting hat again.....I was so fed up yesterday being stuck in the kitchen with the Peter Paint Pad and my cutting in brush.....the weather was glorious outside and I must admit I was feeling real sorry for what's a girl to do to cheer herself up....kettle on....make a nice reviving cuppa....head off upstairs to the 'puter and have a little spend at one of my favourite places...."The Glitter Pot" and guess what my parcel of goodies arrived at 9.50 this morning.....well done "Glitter Pot" and my lovely patient are my goodies.....

some gorgeous Hero Arts stamps....I love that heart flourish
and had to stock up on Coredinations...can't be without them

And I am not the only one who has been naughty....yes "The Budster" has been VERY NAUGHTY.....had a little roll....well that's an understatement.....he had a big long roll in Deer Doo..Doo....yesterday at the forest....OMG what a state.....all gold and yucky green....had to drive home with the car windows open....the smell was rather pungent.......a good hose down in the garden removed most of it but he won't be getting any smoochy snuggles for the next few days I can tell you..he still honks to high heaven....what is it with dogs.....does he think he smells it the dog version of Chanel....I don't think so and no female dogs queueing at the door this morning.
Well after that little is a sneaky peek...only one I'm rather distracted when my goodies arrived

now off to do my Penny Black having trouble with this one and when you see the challenge on Saturday you will wonder why.....and then I may get some time to play with my new goodies.....given up on the kitchen for neck is killing me after my acrobatics yesterday.....perched on the worktops trying to do that silly little bit above the wall cupboards and no rolling today for  my stinky is in the garage for the wing mirror repair so no forest today......and depending on the bill.....I wonder if "The Glitter Pot" do returns.....catch up with you all tomorrow on Stampin Chic.....Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Morning hun, hope your relaxing today after a rather hectic day yesterday... what is Budster like, naughty little monster. Love love your new goodies and wow what a speedy service too. Oh can't wait to see your sneek peek looks as yummy as ever. Good luck with your PB project, haven't started mine yet.. hopefully today, but I didn't plan on making it difficult ~ sorry hun.
    Have a great day and thanks for joining my blog candy ~ good luck
    Tracie :)x

  2. Fab goodies you bought! Hugs, moni

  3. You are a little monkey Kath. There's so much lovely stuff out there. Where do you get the energy from for all that painting dogwalking and crafting. I've been a bit naughty too and ordered Stampin'up stuff.If I go to a demo just to keep in touch or watch QVC etc or go to a craft show (the worst) I can't resist. DH knows how to shop online now and he's buying for his photography. Can't take it with you. As for the budster! well we had a pointer once so I know what you're up againstHugs BettyXXX

  4. Seeing as its confession time, I was a bit naughty last night too!!! I ordered a Big Shot! Argghh! Jules x

  5. Hi Kath

    Well if it is "confession are us" time - I visited the Glitter Pot yesterday too!!!

    I hope my goodies are waiting at home for me tonight too.

    I love that Hero Art Stamp - it is on my "wish list" for another time (along with far too many other things).

    Love Jules xx

  6. Oh Kath, I am having a wee chuckle to myself at "Budster's" antics. I sometimes take my brother's dogs Gabby and Dillon (golden retreivers) when they go on holiday, and they just love getting dirty, unlike my wee Fudge, who is getting too old to bother. I too had a look at the Glitter Pot website and would love to go and visit, I suppose Edinburgh is a bit nearer than Aberdeen, but still too far. Till next time. Avril xx

  7. what is it about deer do do that is so attractive to them??? Poppy is the same!!!
    luckily she has less coat than Buddy woudl have so wet wipes take teh most off till i can get her home. but wooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it stinks!

    nice sneaky peep BTW. And am off to go have a wee at the glitter pot!
    love tina x

  8. oh very yummy things, I love Glitter Pot too, and I pain flat too, greetings from Poland

  9. hi kate I dont can read very well englisch is it posible to get een google translate piece on your side so I can read it in dutch groetjes dutch girl tanja

  10. Oh our just right spoiling yourself, who else is going to do it for us? Thanks a million for your birthday wishes they have been very much appreciated. Hope you enjoy your new treats. Karen

  11. whose been bad then, the Budster? Naah, he's just following his instincts, Kath? Naaah she's just following her instincts.............. Enjoy your new goodies.
    En xx