Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Pink Elephant Challenge # 10

Yes I'm back with my challenge card and the sun is slowly peeking through the mist....so fingers crossed it's going to be another fabby day folks.
The challenge this week on "The Pink Elephant" is a colour challenge and can you believe it's Challenge 10 already.....where does time go.....


Papers..Embellies and Sentiment
from WeR Memory Keepers....White Out Collection
A bit of a quickie from me this week......whipped up in a bit of rush last night....now I ain't a big TV fan but one of my fave programmes started again last night.....yes "HELL'S KITCHEN" ...was never a fan when old motor mouth himself....Gordon Ramsay....was in it......he is just the most arrogant....rude and totally ignorant person on the planet.....and all that swearing and the way that he bullies folks are just totally unnecessary but that's obviously the only way he is going to get himself noticed....the way things are now....be outrageous and you become famous....well let's face it folks....he scores -10 in the old physog department....OMG I don't advocate the old nip and tuck...but in his case....he needs taken apart at the seams....given a good old iron and sewed back together again......and thank goodness that other idiot Angus Deayton has gone too.........NOW.... I am definitely a little bit partial to
Monsieur Marco Pierre White.....
OK he's not French....is not the most handsome male on the planet but he has that special twinkle in his eye.....there is just something about him....wouldn't you agree.
Well I dashed in from the cubbyhole last night with minutes to spare....just enough time to get the kettle on and guess what........hubby is watching a film on the other channel with Clive Owen and Keira Knightley and is so not going to give up the remote control....so I missed it...not too much of a disappointment though..Clive Owen.....now he is definitely yummy EYE CANDY......but I need a cunning ruse for next week....a liitle bit of bribery.....evening meal in exchange for the remote control.....or he can go watch TV in the front room while I snuggle on the sofa with "The Budster" and MPW.....now that sounds like a hot date.
Catch up with you all later.....Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
P.S. Well I was wrong about the weather.....mist is still here and it is now rather drizzly....that horrible fine misty rain that makes the hair go all frizzy....yes just in time for our lunchtime walk....so off to try and make myself as waterproof as poss.


  1. Hi that card is so adorable i have been very busy thi week and making about 4 cards i am on my 4th card now in about 2 days .
    Come check out my blog and i'll put some more cards on x

  2. ooo i agree with ya about Mpw hun,he's deffinately got a certain something !!! see if you can watch it on the pooter on iplayer to catch up
    helen x

  3. Just love your card Kath, the colours are lovely.

    My hubby insisted on watching the Clive Owen film too, Arthur, even though he had seen it before then slept though half of it, when I told him this he said "no I didn't test me on it then"

    Thanks for the lovely comment, on my CC cards, you inspired me to make more, which I will post later, don't want to over do it eh!

    Hugs Carol x

  4. PINK,YELLOW,GREEN -I Love this colour!!!greetings from Poland!!:)

  5. Another winner Kath - you are a star. Love the way you have combined the colours.

    Ann xxx

  6. Lol Arthur with Clive Owen is not the greatest lol! Gorgeous man but not a grat film! My mother loves MPW - i dont see it though i find him quite arrogant, however like you said Ramsey is the worst offender! I dont understand how anyone can think constantly swearing makes for good TV! lol

    This card is beautiful love the bright colours, the flowers and sentiment
    love tasha xx

  7. Your card is beautiful! Nice take on this weeks challenge! :)

  8. I agree, Kath! I missed it myself, but have watched it on the I player today!!!Great card, too!!!

  9. Just love your happy and bright card with a hint of elegance. I am in total agreement re Ramsay. Hugs from Desire

  10. Hi Kath,

    Your card is lovely ...as always !!!

    Sunny Greetings from Belgium,


  11. wow ~ gorgeous card chickie! i so love your style

  12. Your card is so fun and happy! (I want it!! lol), I loved your post as well :D When all else fails, resort to bribery....it works like a charm........usually.

  13. Gorgeous card Kath.Lovely bright colours.Took Louis to Edinburgh on the 'big'train today and it was FREEZING!and was just as bad back here in Glasgow.Was more like a winters day.
    Cass xxx

  14. Gorgeous card (as always) and love that colour combo . . might have to try it our for myself !

    Can totally agree with you about Clive Owen . . very brooding !

  15. Card after card you pull it out the bag!! Gorgeous.... i love your stuff Kath and you do make me laugh which is always a bonus :)
    and...thank you so much for my fabby Bday card,watch out for pics later this week!

    Big Hugs
    Carol x

  16. What a beautiful card, I love the colors and the flowers...

    Thanks for joining us at TPE!

  17. This is really nice, Kath! I love the distressing you did. :)

  18. Fab card for this weeks challenge honey...

    Lorraine xxx

  19. Another fabulous card, Kath!! Thanks for joining us at TPE again this week!

  20. `Gorgeous` Gorgeous card Kath I am soo lovin those colors at the mo!!!:)♥

  21. Hello Kath!! Super Pretty!!
    Thanks so much for joining us at TPE this week!!


  22. I just love this card and how your style has changed to this fresh, flourishy, summery style!