Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blog Candy Give-Away CLOSED

Hi Folks.....well it's 8.00pm and the Blog Candy Give-Away is closed......entries received after this time will not be counted in the draw....and wowee loads and loads of folks wanting to win......oh dear....I am afraid there can only be one winner.....will be back tomorrow with the name of the lucky person.

What a mixed bag of weather today.....all seasons in one day.....morning absolutely beautiful and warm....afternoon...high winds....pots blown over and broken.....heavy rain and hailstones....well that's British weather for you.
It's feet up time in front of the TV and my fave programme of the moment will be on soon.....yes...you've guessed "Hell's Kitchen".....oh Marco P.W.
swoon...swoon....don't know what it is about him.....he makes me go weak at the knees...I know he looks a bit scary especially with a huge knife in his hands....but deep down...I think he is just a big pussy cat.     I was so glad when they dumped Angus Deayton as the presenter......a real slime ball if ever I saw one but better the devil you know...because now we have....Claudia Winklepicker or whatever her name is......her whingy voice just drives me up the wall......and I wish she would take her bl**dy hair out of her eyes....she looks like "a coo looking through drift" as we say in this neck of the woods.   Can't stand Anthea...Grant or Adrian....another bunch of mealy mouthed whingers....and by now you are wondering why am I watching this programme....well as I said at the beginning.....the "MAN WITH THE DISHTOWEL AROUND HIS HEAD" definitely does it for me......catch up with you all tomorrow with a challenge card and the WINNER'S NAME.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. HAHAHA!!! I'm right there with you Kath with your opinions of all of them,teehee!!! ;o)x

  2. I agree with you Kath I only watch it for Marco too lol, but why is he always carrying a knife do yout hink hes really a scaredycat lol, yes im off now too, happy tv huggies June xx

  3. Sorry Kath, I have to disagree with you, I love Aide Edmonson but totally agree with you about Anthea and Grant.....yuk! Poor Linda Evans, she seems to be on the receiving end of all the nagging by his nibs lol! Donna x

  4. i love Aide but not the other two.....and Claudia just minces my head!
    BTW that picture of your Buddy to the left is stunning!
    He is very handsome!

  5. Lol Kath
    i'm always guaranteed a giggle when I visit....
    thanks for brightening my day..ha ha!

    Emma xxx

  6. I would love to see your (UK) version of Hell's Kitchen. We (the US) have Gordon Ramsey as our host and I absolutely love him. BTW: I love your blog. Your cards are GORGEOUS! I became a follower today.

  7. Don't know what you are chatting about since I am 'stateside' but I LOVE Angus Deyton, sleaze or no......... Don't know that I would go for a chap who wears a tea towel on his head though
    En xx

  8. I am so 'hearting' MPW!!! There is something of the great unwashed about him which I find strangely attractive, espesh with that tea towel (or bandana as he calls it, hee heee) on his head. Underneath all that fire and strop, he is a gent I think, and I love his philosophy. I agree re Anthea and Grant (& thank the Lord he has gone) but I kind of like Ade. I liked Angus D's sardonic humour as well cos I am a bit sick like that :) but Claudia, quite frankly, gets on my pip, the simpering trout!!! I hear that she speaks highly of me as well lol xxxx

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  10. Ah, you really make me smile with your great sense of humour and quirky way of relating a story. Never thought a man with a dish towel on his head could be attractive, but I think you've convinced me. Hugs from Desire


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