Friday, April 17, 2009

Morning All

Good morning I realise that some of you may have popped over bright and early to find out the identity of my mystery visitor and I apologise..... I am not being naughty and teasing you......I scheduled this post last night and hopefully "The Budster and I" are still snuggled up in our cosy kip......I had a really early morning yesterday.....his nibs decided he needed out for a call of nature at 5.00AM and because I had a busy day ahead....decided not to pop back to bed...well last night I was absolutely cream this morning we are having a lie in and hopefully there will have been no early piddle calls or I will be off to buy some Pooch Pampers.
You know me I can be a bit of a grumpy old woman and love nothing better than a good rant.....especially about my pet hate.....BAD SERVICE....well today I am shouting from the rooftops about EXCELLENT SERVICE....when I got my Nikon didn't come with a camera bag and it ain't the type of camera you walk around with round your neck...unless you are after a bit of research online I was shocked to discover these babies come in around 40 quid....WHAT...for a bag....I went on to Amazon and lo and behold....the exact same thing.....14.99....that will do Tuesday lunchtime  I placed my order ......and when did it arrive WEDNESDAY at's that for service.....YES I WAS IMPRESSED well done AMAZON....YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!
And before I go a BIG THANK YOU to Suzanne .....and my lovely bloggy bud Dawn for this  award

and to Diane for this one

thank you girls....really do appreciate you thinking of me and in these gloomy times...if I make just one person smile...that's made my I am supposed to pass this on to 5 lovely folks who make me smile.....well you all make me smile.....everyday when I see the gorgeous creations on all your to all my lovely bloggy buds....consider yourselves awarded.
Will be back later to reveal my mystery visitor.....and did we have a fabulous day....went with a bang in more ways than one and that is a whole other have your cuppy and comfy seat on standby. now.......catch up with you all later......Hugs Kath xxxxx


  1. I do love visiting your blog Kath - There is something over on my blog especially for you, please take a look. Thanks, Love Diane

  2. what are these pups like with their early morning demands!!! Andrew was on night shift and Poppy takes that as her cue to sleep all day with him and then caper all night! 3am she was in the bathroom with my brand new toothbrush....chewing its packaging! then 5 am for her breakie! shoudl have got her to keep buddy company!
    you are a tease with this visitor!!!
    hope you have a lovely time
    love tina xx

  3. So glad you are happy with the service you received from Amazon, as my hubby order a great deal of specific subject books for his studies from them and have always been superly impressed with their service. Congrats on the well deserved awards. Hugs from Desire