Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sneaky Peek Thursday

Morning Folks....the sun is shining and it looks like it's going to be another lovely day....despite what the weather man says...and yes it's Sneaky Peek Thursday again but first.....the postie's been....and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Helen for this gorgeous card......HELEN won my 100,000 hits Blog Candy and sent me this card which she made with some of the goodies in her parcel.......super cute card and it was very kind of you Helen.... it will have pride of place on the cubbyhole wall.

and to be honest I had forgotten all about this
my prize from Altered Pages for my win
some weeks ago on "The Pink Elephant" challenge blog
and look at all those gorgeous flowers
Ok it's time for your Sneaky Peek.....would you believe it took me the whole day to make this card....WHY....I have no idea....I chose the challenge this week on Penny Black Saturday and when it came down to it......I couldn't for the life of me come up with anything....Mr Mojo had definitely left the building.....eventually did manage to conjure something up....and though I am not entirely happy with it....hopefully it will grow on me....
and as for the second Sneaky Peek.....well there ain't one.....I am absolutely NOT HAPPY with it.....and it's in the it's back to the drawing board with that one......well the Budster and I are off for our morning stroll and who knows we may just meet Mr Mojo along the way or he may be waiting for me out in the cubbyhole when I return....or failing that another challenge card might just kickstart the old grey crafting cells...gotta try something....
Have just realised this is the last day of April....deary me the year is disappearing before our very eyes and tomorrow is the first day of May....when all us girlies are supposed to be up at dawn and washing our faces in the May dew....nature's anti wrinkle cream.....I wish........catch up with you all later.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx
P.S. Edited at 9.15am....just returned from our stroll....didn't meet Mr Mojo and Mr Weather Forecast may have been right....sun has's cold...windy and looks like a rain.....great start to the day


  1. Do you think you and the Budster could find my Mojo tooo........... please, it is my Anniversary tomorrow, and I have make a card for Hubby and I am soooo stuck, I feel over the years I have made cards that symbolised our wedding, i,e Swan theme etc, but I just cannot find my MOJO for this one. He loves my cards too (well he is biased). My Grandson is off school today with a bad cold, and I don't like going down to the shed and leaving him, also hubby is upstairs in bed (working night-shift) so I can't even bring my stash in as he might wander down. Have a nice walk, let me know if you Mojo returns. Hugs Avril xxx

  2. What a beautiful card Kath,l love the stamp and colours.

    Hugs Riet.x

  3. lovely surprises to get in the post!

    enjoy your walk.
    love tina xx

  4. Morning Mrs, ohh now that sneak peek looks scrummy. i know what you mean about Mojo lol mine quite often goes for a stroll. Have a super day.

    Fab card from Helen too!

  5. Love the sneaky peek Kath.It looks gorgeous as ever.Pouring of rain here in Glasgow (nothing new!
    Cass xxx

  6. Good morning Kath, this is such a gorgeous card hunny. I have to say the sunshine has gone here too!!!! sob ! sob. Have a good day, hug sLinda x

  7. Your mojo must have gone with the sun Kath - just like mine. Hope it comes back soon, lol! I have left a wee thing on my blog for you - hope it cheers you up a bit

    Suzanne x

  8. if you come across my mojo please send it home to me have no mojo for a DT challenge thing I have to get done- oh dear- maybe they are all away on a holiday together and having wild old time and will return soon bursting with enthusiasm!

  9. Hi Kath - I hope Mr Mojo has returned (it is lovely to think you are human too!!). I always imagine you flooding with ideas and crafting away like a "mad woman".

    Mmmm.. .. so what is going to be the Penny Black Challenge? I love the sneeky peeks and trying to guess what it might be. (But I am never right).

    Sadly I always recognise the stamp. In fact that could be my specialist subject if I was to get on Mastermind. Penny Black images. (I would be rubbish at the second round though - general knowledge isn't a good subject .. ..LOL!

    Catch you again soon.

    Love Jules xx

  10. Your card is `beautiful` Kath...
    `WoW`I`v got some seriuos catching up to do!!!!!
    `Congrats` on your win!!!
    `Enjoy `your goodies!!!
    Hope the sun is shining where you are...lotsa loves:)♥

  11. I'm glad the card arrived safely was my pleasure to send you a little something to say thank you for the gorgeous candy!

    Loving the colours on your sneaky peek PBSC card...looking forward to the challenge!

    Have fun with all those flowers!
    Helen x

  12. Oooh that sneaky peek looks fab as always....if it caused you trouble well! i can't wait to see what the challenge is!!
    Helen's card is absolutely gorgeous, how kind of her :)
    Those flowers are pretty and it looks like some vintage images in there too! I have a CD with these types of images, i must dig it out and have another look!

    Carol x

  13. Mr Mojo can be a right 'lil monkey - haven't been feeling in the crafty mood either. So no card today - had to rush to work, go home totally cream crackered - I'm just about ready to pack it in - it's a bloomin' nightmare sometimes!!!

    Love the card and I bet the binned one was perfectly fine!!


  14. What a lovely thankyou card. Bet you were thrilled. As for binning cards - I have had a day like that too.

  15. Hi kath, this is my first visit and I don't even know how I arrived here but can I say I just love you cards, you are a real inspiration, I will be coming back soon! Thake care and Have fun.


  16. Hi That is a lovely card gosh it is only Wed here last day of the month will be tomorrow and it snowed and rained here again i am so waiting for some sunshine i can't bring myself to do cards its so damp and dreary i just want to curl up with a good book and rest the old bones Karen TB Ontario