Friday, May 1, 2009

A little bit of altering

Morning Folks.....well I didn't have the best of days yesterday.....don't you think sometimes it would have been better just to stay in bed...pull the duvet over your head and let all the disasters get on with wreaking their havoc.
And Mr Mojo hasn't decided to come home either....but not one easily put off.....I decided to have a little play....or a little bit of altering is perhaps the technical term......there is no way I am into Mixed Media or Altered Art......but my prize from "Altered Pages" had lots of papers....well I use that term loosely....basically they are pages torn out of books and I thought what on earth am I going to do with that....well I just happened to be blog hopping yesterday and popped over to Hero Arts Club Blog.... lo and behold Shari Carroll has altered a canvas using similar this one was inspired by that very talented of my heroes.......

 of course I just had to use my new favourite Hero Arts Stamp......Heart Flourish
one of the chipboard tags from my lovely buddy Ann
and another favourite.. Prima Artful Collage Flowers
Well if this is Altered Art.....I am rather liking it....but I fear no book in the house will be safe now.
And what went wrong yesterday I hear you crafty helper was in the bad books again.....we arrived at the Forest and met up with a local dog walker and her 4 female charges.....well the boy wonder went into show off mode.....doing his "HEY LOOK AT ME " big macho dog impression....lay down and wallowed in every muddy puddle and hole in sight.....and then suitably wet and dirty....proceeded to dig himself a huge hole to get even more down and dirty in.....and let me tell you non of his female companions seemed to be the least bit impressed...but that's  Goldies for you....highly intelligent...but as daft as the time we got back to the car....he looked like a Black it was back home.... hosed down again.....and yes banished to the kitchen.....and three doggies towels back in the wash.
Well today can only get better.......or can it.....I have my off to the dentist for my check up and no doubt....the old scale and polish will rear it's ugly head again....oh I hate that bit...and then our lunchtime walk...well if I survive the day..will see you all tomorrow on Penny Black Saturday........toodle..oo..for now
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
Who is FREDDIE FOO FOO and what are STACKIES
well to find out.....go HERE
and why am I being so cryptic this morning.....because daft Old Mr Blogger wouldn't let me upload a pic of this delish get on over there and get your name in the hat....before 9th May and spread some bloggy love....poor Nikky has had "a reat poo day"...just like me.
P.S. Edited to add.....well as from 8.30am....what started out as an "OK" day....just went into disaster mode....I have just dropped a whole bottle of Lenor on the utility room floor....OK it's tiles so easily mopped up and there is rather a nice aroma in there now.....but all over my shoes...and they are suede and all down my trousers.....the air was blue as well as the floor...and a little warning.....after my trip to the dentist it is definitely going to be an "under the duvet" day either that or the gas oven.


  1. Stunning card! Might just to have a go myself. Caroline x

  2. the card is scrumptious Kath! I'm in love with using old print on things now after the workshop I did last Satruday. Try layers of paint as well as ink over the paper. The paper still peeps through and it looks lovely. Still actually can't beat what you have done :) And the waggy tales do make me smile.

  3. Well Kath, for having no mojo you have turned out a cracker of a card.
    Don't be too hard on the Budster, he will get a


  4. Another really different card - and that swirly stamp is just gorgeous. Good luck with the rest of the day!!

  5. Fantastic Kath - love the vintage look about it and it's a great way to use those vintage print flowers (I have loads of them and keep wondering how to use them lol!) - the flourish stamp is also one of the best I've seen - no wonder it's a favourite - and looks fab on the background "page" - love it all :-)
    Pauline x

  6. What a beautiful card Kath,l love the colours.

    Hugs Riet.x

  7. beautiful card!
    love the white stamping!
    Buddy! you dirty retriever you!!!!
    Poppy would have been very impressed! she loves mud and muddy boys!
    we meet a retriever and two labs often, the lab play with Poppy but the girlie goldie is always too busy ignoring Poppy,but keeping an eye on her and the lab boys.
    Hope you day improves!
    love Tina & Poppy xx

  8. Love the card Kath & you made me giggle with the ol'Lenor hun, sorta thing I would do, though I know it's not funny at the time! xx

  9. Kath this is brilliant isn't it great that there is so much inspiration out there among us craft bloggers just awesome.

    Lorraine x

  10. Hi Kath, what a stunning card, love the colours and detail so gorgeous. sorry about your lenor moment, I do hope the shoes can be saved. Joey.x

  11. wonderful card, love altered art
    hate those days when nothing goes right and the more you try to do the worse it gets so i recommend after the dentist just to put your feet up and chill all day
    And I know what you mean about poo days!!

  12. Come out from under the duvet Kath! I adore this card.Love seeing old print on cards and the aged look.(bit like me)lol.Gorgeous swirl stamp,I can understand why you love it and I adore the Artful Collage flowers too.
    Having a chuckle at Buddy's antics.I had a Springer who was much the same.First sign of water or mud and in he went.He was just short of 14 when he died and was as mad as the day he was born.He never grew up.
    Cass xxx

  13. Kath - your card is so lovely, you are such an inspiration; i always want to go a craft after reading your blog. I know you had an awful day Kath, but your account just had me laughing out loud,'its the way you write them!!!!', anyway hope you can clean your shoes ok and I look forward to your next card and storys about Buddy. Thanks again for the laugh and inspiration. Diane

  14. Oh Kath your addendum made me laugh out loud! I'm not surprised the air was blue.

    I adore your altered card. It is stunning - your mojo is alive and well. Here's hoping you have a better day tomorrow in terms of luck. x

  15. Oh No Kath-not the gas oven.Hugs BettyXXX

  16. Fabulous card, Your mojo is there you're just not feeling it!! Hoping the day gets better! HUGS, Christine

  17. step away from the oven Kath!!!
    wishing you a better day tomorrow.
    the card is lovely and I'm very tempted by that heart flourish stamp.
    away to pop over and see what this freddie foo foo business is about

  18. Just read the update. The crafting was so succesful I really hope you went for the duvet and not the gas oven. I have to say I have dropped so many bottles of this that and the other its untrue. They did not all smell as good as your spillage.

  19. Stunning card Kath, love the layout that you have used and those flowers are gorge! Sounds like you and buddy have been having a fun day, I do hope that it got better and your trip to the dentist went ok......ooooh you do make me laugh with your tails about Buddy, hee hee!

    Thank you so much for your kind words yesterday and today, they are so much appreciated! There is one thing that this whole thing has shown me, and that is how many kind and lovely friends that I have.....thanks, hun, it means so much!
    Big Hugs
    Tab xxx

  20. Kath your card is stunning, the design is beautiful and i love the colours
    sorry to hear you have had a bad day,hope tomorrow is much better :)
    Tracy x

  21. The card is just fab Kath, and as always, you and the budster raised a big smile. Hope you have a better weekend....
    lots of hugs
    En x

  22. Your altered creation is just beautiful. I also love the rustic colours. Oh no, can't believe the Budster has been up to his old tricks again ... hope the hose pipe was on full pressure. I love the cute photo of Brodie..Oliver and "The Budster" on the couch in the side bar. Brodie..Oliver and "The Budster"

  23. wonderful job! I can't bring myself to tear a book apart but...if someone would send me some papers I hope I could make something as lovely as this!

  24. Now if it had been vodka I would have been worried!! Shame you didn't get Buddy in the process - he would have smelled very nice after his roll in the muck!