Saturday, May 9, 2009

So Sweet

Well after all my excitement on Thursday.....I thought I had pulled myself together and stopped all this tears nonsense here I go again....postie arrived this morning with this.......
I knew from the label on the parcel who it was from but am intrigued....what can be inside?

a pack of yummy Mojo Monkey Chocolate Animals
....some images...buttons etc
All from my lovely teamie on Funky Hand....the very sweet and thoughtful Ruth.......why did she send this.....I don't know...perhaps a little cheer me up and it's certainly worked....I am sitting typing this and munching on my choccy goodies at the same time.....and everyone on the team has got sweet is that....taking time out of her very busy life to think of us all...but that is what our happy little team is all about.....little did I know...the day that Anice asked me to join her new team.....that I would find such wonderful friendships with the nicest and sweetest girls you would ever hope to meet.....very caring and thoughtful....but very naughty sometimes....they have a wicked sense of humour .....believe is an absolute hoot and I love them all big time.....and hey they make great cards thank you are so sweet.....sending big bloggy Funky Hand hugs...XXXXX
Now if you want to be part of this fabulous only have until 11th May to get your entry in....and the girls can't wait to welcome you to the " mad but lots of fun world"  that is FUNKY don't be shy....nothing ventured...nothing gained and who knows it might be YOU and I can't give you any details but there are lots of things going to be happening over at Funky Hand this year.....oh it's exciting.
I am having a bit of a garden day today.....the weather is cloudy and windy.....but no rain.....just off to have a cuppa and then taken the hooligan for his forest walk and what of Mr Mojo......well not sure if he is back to stay.....he flits in and out and treats the place like a flipping hotel......a serious chat is in order me thinks...catch up with you all tomorrow......Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


Angelo said...

You are one lucky lady, Kath! Lots of goodies in the mail is like christmas early!

Have a great May-day. :)

Hugs, Kristin :)

Lorraine Robertson said...

Oh lucky you getting such a delicious gift...

Better enjoy the garden whilst you can love as if my weather heads your way you'll be running for the indoors... absoloutely pouring down here.

Lorraine xxx

Janette said...

Your friend did a nice thing there,sometimes chocolate is the answer to all our your blog and adore your dog,hugs Janette.x

scotspanda said...

awwww how sweet of Ruth to send you this!! RAKS are just fab eh


Amanda xxx

Allison said...

wasn't that sooo sweet of Ruth, I am lad she found my mojo and sent him on to me- have just finished my choccy animals too!

Debbie said...

Glad you received a nice surprise in your always lifts your spirt one you get a RAK. How sweet of your friend Ruth for thinkng of you.

weewiccababe said...

its nice to be nice Kath,
hope you're nae still oot in the gerden - its hale watter here (as they say)

Macpurp said...

what a lovely surprise!
I love surprises like that in the post!
i still haven't got my bedding plants out....been piddilin rain all the time! xxx

Lorraine A said...

Oh what a lovely gift ! :-)
Lorraine x

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe! Glad you like!

Mummylade said...

Good friends are true gems :)

Enfys said...

What a sweetie Ruth is. and you are so right about the funky gang, a nicer bunch you couldn't wish to meet. I think I am going to adopt you all, then I will be sure of getting fabby cards on mothers day.
En xx


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