Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Bash

Hi posts in one's nearly 11.00am....have been up for 5 hours and what have I done.....well thanks to Naughty Mr Blogger.....sit at the 'puter screen and wait for him taking his time uploading these birthday pics...caught up with all the news in bloggyland and not much else. Oh boy did we have a fun filled day and this is a rather long pic filled post so maybe a cuppa and a comfy seat would be a good idea....After the horrendous downpours of Saturday.....we woke up on Sunday morning to glorious sunshine and headed off bright and early to the Soft Bear Play Centre about half an hour from where we live.....nestled in the hills and glorious scenery of Royal Deeside.
and we were greeted by these gorgeous guys......

and right next door... .I found these deer deer are usually very shy timid animals
but after quite a lot of soft kissing noises.....she edged closer.....very curious
until she was right up at the fence and isn't she gorgeous

and perhaps this is the man in her life
you can just see his antlers beginning to grow...
still quite short and stubby...all velvety and soft
which means he is still quite young

and then it was indoors for the fun to begin.....I didn't get loads of pictures inside....grandkiddies were off like greased lightning....climbing up towers.....bouncing around.......running through tunnels.....jumping through hoops and sliding down chutes.....couldn't keep up with my legs never mind with my camera.....great fun for kids of all ages including Grandmas and Grandas and yes I came down the slide umpteen times.....much to Brodie's amusement.

and then it was time for opening parcels.....a bite of lunch
and CAKE
Time to go home to Grandma's for a well earned cup of tea....feet up and a game of football in the garden for those with any energy left....where do kids get their endless energy from.....I was exhausted just watching them....thank goodness they don't have birthday bashes every weekend.
And just to finish off a lovely lovely bloggy bud.....Dawn has given me this fabulous award....
translated "THIS BLOG IS A JEWEL"..... thanks so much Dawn.....and you are a real gem.....of the diamond variety....Big Hugs..xxxxxx and now for the BAD NEWS.....woke up this morning with a throat like a badger's bum.....feels like I have swallowed a razor blade......and I DO NOT....I repeat DO NOT have time to be off to gargle with salty water and suck on the old antiseptic lozenges till my face resembles a prune....and yes it's back to the cubbyhole after my crafting free weekend......catch up with you all tomorrow with hopefully a challenge card or two.......Hugs Kath xxxxxx


scotspanda said...

fabulous pics, the deer one are fab and the boys certainly looked like they had fun :o)


Amanda xxx

hope the throats better soon hun

Sammie said...

Hope you are feeling ok. And just to say how lovely it is to have a peek into your life. It looks and sounds as if you had a wonderful day together.

Carol D said...

Super photos Kath. Looks like everyone one had a great time.
I,ve been to your neck of the woods and it is simply beautiful,I love it, we must go back sometime soon. Honey and lemons drink for the thoat Kath, hope you feel better soon, you do know too much fresh air is bad for you, better stay in for a while and do some crafting, having the same trouble with Mr Bloggy too, about time he got his act together.

Hugs Carol x

sarah seaman said...

hi kath,
Looks like you all fab a fab fab day yesterday, Sorry to hear your not so on top form today, Hope your feeling better soon


Wiccababe said...

fab pics kath - am amazed that roe came so close. the soft bear centre is brillaint - and I bet you didn't know this, but there is a woman lives near there on a farm and she breeds wild boar.
the cake is fab, and the kids (and Granda) look like they had a ball

Kim Dellow said...

Mmm yummy cake and what lovely piccies. Kim

Macpurp said...

these are fantastic photos! looks like you had a fab time! I love the action slide shots!

love teen xx

Allison said...

sounds like a good day- hope your throat doesn't come to anything

Ellen said...

Hello Kath,

Lovely photo's, it looks and sounds as if you have a beautiful day together. Are the PB stamps still there Kath?


Dawn said...

OOh looks like a lotta fun!!
And wow look at his cute cake!!


Chrissy's Creations said...

The cake is just adorable. Great photos ... Looks like fun. Hugs, Christine

Anonymous said...

Fabulous picis Kath thanks for sharing. big hugs hope you are feeling better soon.

Cass said...

Looks like you all had a fab day Kath.Your two grandsons are adorable.Gorgeous pics.
Cass xxx

melody said...

sorry to hear you're under the weather kath ~ big hugs to ya!
what fabulous photos and what a fun day! and oh..what a scrumptious lookin cake!

Desire Fourie said...

It really looks like you all had a fab b'day outing amonst beautiful natural surroundings. The grand bambinos are really growing fast. And by the sound of it, Grandma enjoyed the slide more than for those it was intended ... way to go ... hoo hoo. Hugs from Desire