Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sneaky Peek Thursday

Morning Folks and what on earth was going on last night.....Mr Blogger is really beginning to get up my nose....first pics kept disappearing off my blog.....and this is really weird....I use Firefox as my browser....lots of pics missing but when I switched over to IE.....all the pics are I don't profess to be a computer expert in any shape or form but they're either there or they're not.....don't you think.    Then I thought I would catch up on all my lovely Penny Blackers but yes you've guessed Mr Blogger had other ideas.....I know that lots of you have been having computer problems lately.....I think we should all join forces and  have a BLOGGY REVOLT either that or we meet up with Mr Blogger some night in a dark alley and give him a damned good talking to.
The good news is it looks like I have more goodies coming my way....Mr Random Org (now he is such a nice man...a very nice man) picked little old me for the prize this week on Truly Scrumptious.....gorgeous gorgeous birdie stamps from Crafty Individuals and thanks to my lovely bloggy bud Helen for giving me a shout....can't see me getting any challenges done this I was quite unaware that these little beauties will soon be taking up residence at Chez Kath.    Only trouble is.....all these delish goodies should come with some extra playtime thrown in.
Well the DT stuff is almost yes there are some sneaky peeks today......

Well that's about all for today......nothing exciting....just am trying to get finished off for off on a little bit of a jaunt on Saturday.....a brand new craft shop is opening about 20 miles away....and let me tell you they are few and far between in this neck of the need to go and check that out and then on Sunday....I am off to Ikea in Edinburgh with my sis and I needing anything....not really but may manage to get some little bits and pieces for storage and hey it's a day out.....that just shows what an exciting life I lead.....when a day out to Ikea is a treat......catch up with you all tomorrow for a brand new challenge on Stampin Chic and very first DT card for Polka Doodles.
See you later......Hugs Kath xxxxxx


Cass said...

Congratulations on winning the prize Kath.Mr Blogger was playing up with me last night too.A whole post disappeared,but when I refreshed the page again it was back.
It wouldn't be a certain shop in Alford you're off to visit would it?
I'm off to Lossiemouth in July so it'll be getting a visit too as well as the shop in Elgin.
Cass xxx

helen said...

...first mr fed ex now mr random org i cant keep up with you !!!lol congrats on the win honey ....enjoy ikea and the new craft shop
helen x

Suzanne said...

Well done on your win. Mr Blogger is getting on my nerves too - really doing my head in, lol! I was thinking of a trip to Ikea for storage this week too - might see you there, lol! Youll need to pass on the details of your new shop Kath. We are just in Edinburgh and would love to check it out too. As you said, they are few and far between.

Suzanne x

Donna said...

I had lots f problems with blogger last night too Kath...I've read that a lot of people are switching to Firefox but seems that has it problems too...oh dear what to do lol! :) Donna x

weewiccababe said...

well I must be as bad as you then, Ikea is a huge treat to me too lol
looking forward to seeing you again on Saturday quine

freddie foo foo said...

Kath - switch to Google Chrome hun, its AWESOME, miles better than Firefox and anything else, and it's SO quick! I swapped last week but sometimes have to view a particular thing in IE and I HATE it now! And dont let Mr Blogger push you over to Wpress it really is pants in comparison hun! x

Allison said...

oooh luck you-why don;t you ask Mr Postie just to move into your spare room!
and don't start me on Mr Blogger- he is becoming a real pain
Sneaky peaks look great

Carol said...

Love the sneaky peeks and can't wait to see them in full vision!
Mr Blogger was a naughty boy last night!! and now his friend Mr Linky is at it too!!
have fun at the weekend, sounds perfect to me :)

Carol x

Chris said...

oooh lovin' the sneak peaks Kath :)
Cor more goodies coming... heh heh that poor postie sure has his work cut out at your
Hope you had a fab time at Ikea...I can't go there without spending a fortune which is why I try to only go once a year!!
Chris xx
p.s. theres a little something on my blog for ya ;-)

scrappyjacky said...

You're certainly keeping your postie in work at the moment....congrats on all the wins....and Mr Blogger obviously needs a holiday as he just can't cope at all at the moment...just hope he recovers soon!!!1

Dawn said...

Ooooh! Ooooh!! Choking on my shortbread - New Craftshop - our neck of the woods - WHERE!!!?? LOL


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