Thursday, May 7, 2009

Up With the Lark...

Morning looks like it's going to be another "all seasons in one day"  kinda day.....glorious start to the day....but it is certainly a bit breezy and rain forecast for the afternoon but I am enjoying the early morning sun....I am usually up about 6.00am and love this time of day ....before most folks are up and about....sitting outside with "The Budster" enjoying my first cuppa of the the peace and quiet...watching the birdies going about their business and at the moment....the garden has well and truly sprung into life and everything is growing like wildfire.....

And the saga of the new footwear...well I have eventually embraced the 21st century and got myself a pair of Crocs....

They are not exactly a big fashion statement are they...and check out the socks....but boy oh boy are they comfy. Normally I wear my slippers around the house and out in the cubbyhole....but there lies the crafty helper has a bit of a fetish about slippers...he doesn't chew them...he just wants to have them in his mouth all the time...I would go and buy a new pair...give him the old pair but lo and behold within a couple of days he was off with the new pair and slippers wet with doggy drool are not really my scene...but I think I may have just found the solution...that's 2 Croc Days and he hasn't shown the slightest bit of interest in them.
A bit of a leisurely morning here for our morning stroll...home for breakfast...get a few household chores done and then off out for the rest of the day..catching up with a dear friend...lots of gossip over a yummy lunch. And the real Croc Test...if they are still where I leave them in the kitchen when I get back  I'll definitely know I am onto a winner...if's back to the drawing board...will be back shortly with my card for Papertake Weekly...need to get a pic first
Hugs Kath xxxx


Mrs Wonka said...

Welcome to the world of Crocs!
I just brought my Dad some for his birthday and caught him yesterday with a stanly knife trying to take the bumps off the bottom as they were uncomfortable!!!! Men Eh!

Zoe x

Littleted62 said...

Morning Kath - well, I asked you to send down some sunshine yesterday and it worked, so can I have some more please? Love your flower pics, they're beautiful. Good luck with those Crocs! Nicki, xx.

Peggy said...

Hi Kath,

Nice story that you told ....I also wear Crocs when I'm at home ...firts I hated them ...but yes they are very comfy but you can not call them beautful and elegant !!!! LOL !!!

Have a great day !!!

Hugs, Peggy

Cass said...

Well I think it's going to be another rainy day here again Kath.Sun is peeping through but dark cloud around.Love your Crocs.Louis' got a pair,I prefer my clogs.Hope you have a fabby day.
Cass xxx

scotspanda said...

Morning kath looks like you sun over at Chez Kath! we have torrential rain over here (grr) Love your crocs, they are just the most comfortable shoe ever aren't they? Have to admit they are almost the ugliest shoe out there........don't care tho I love them so much lol You will soon have half a dozen pairs in all colours so you can wear them to coordinate lol


Amanda xxx

Dawn said...

What beautiful photos and I just love the photo with the crocs and Buddy's paw just barely touching - adorable - very protective!

melody said...

beautiful photos chickie
and LOVE those crocs
i have a pair..same color, too
..and man..they're comfy!


Macpurp said...

Now , how did I miss this post? Poppy had a real show thing too....but she did like to chew my crocs...made worse by the fact Andrew got a black pair for in and out the garden and thought it was funny when she chewed them like a rubber toy!
So when she did it with mine and I roared at her she couldn't figure out why!

lets hope Buddy keeps the slobber from the crocs.
Tip them up before fore you put your foot in JUST in case!
love teen xx


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