Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Rather Special Award

Hi Folks.....I have just received this award from one very special lady...and I'm sure you will all know her...a wonderful inspiration to us all with her gorgeous creations....and she has now turned her hand to jewellery there no limit to this woman's talents.....yes it's CHRIS and she had me in tears when I read her lovely words.....
I first met Chris....well in a virtual sense.....haven't had the pleasure face to face....on the Fiskarettes blog and right away loved her warm and welcoming personality and we share the same kind of "off the wall" sense of humour....and I just know that if we ever do get to meet.....I would love her instantly.  So fingers crossed lovely lady that maybe someday.
Now you know me I never can bring myself to pass these awards on.....why....because I find it difficult to choose out of all my lovely bloggy buds.....but on this occasion.....this is going to 2 very special ladies........
Terrie B......who is one of my crafting idols....I just drool everytime I visit her blog and she is such a sweetheart.....when I started first post featured Pink Petticoat cards and Terrie was right over and left me a sweet comment....well I was on the ceiling for honoured was I that the queen of craft had taken the time.....certainly no divaness from this member of crafting royalty....and my greatest wish would be for us to meet......I'm working on it....with maybe a little help from my next choice......
Dawny P......the princess of all things crafty......who is just the bestest bloggy bud....mega talented with the greatest sense of I have had the pleasure of meeting Dawn and her lovely hubby Richard...and it's strange but I just felt that I had always known them...we got on like a house on fire although poor Richard was lucky to get a word in....and remember guys I still owe you dinner.
Am rather pooped after our excursion to Ikea...what a glorious day but a tad too hot for driving.... will be back tomorrow with some things to to have a nice lukewarm shower.....tuck myself into bed with the Sunday papers and let me tell you ...I won't need rocking tonight....Hugs Kath xxxxxxxx


  1. Morning Kath:)
    Well seriously what can I say????
    `Thankyou` `Thankyou` ..I am completly touched...
    by your sweet words!`!!!
    (You made me cry) but in a nice way...
    I will display it with pride....
    I love ya ...Your my `Queen`..... I am blessed to have found you through blogging:)
    lots of love `lovely Lady`:) xxx

  2. OMG... I've scrolled and scrolled and scrolled to get here... how much creating have you done!!! You really put me to So much gorgeousness to look at my friend...I'm drooling :D
    I am sure the ONE DAY I WILL have the very great pleasure of meeting you face to face... oh what a great moment that will be!!
    I am sure we will have loads in common and I've got me eyee,knees and toes crossed that it's sooner rather than later.
    Thanks for being one special blogging buddy me friend :D
    Chris xx


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