Friday, April 17, 2009

Deary Me.......What a Day....

Oh deary's cuppy tea and comfy seat time...a bit of a long winded saga for you all today...I was so looking forward to meeting up with my fabby buddy yesterday but the day didn't start off well...I had a problem finding a parking space at the station which is undergoing major renovations at the moment and after driving round and round for ages...found one...a little bit of a tight squeeze...then I realised there was barely enough room to open the doors so decided to reverse out and look for another space and this is where it all went wrong...too busy concentrating behind after taxi whizzing past and crash...dooshed my driver's mirror and the mirror of the car alongside...OH NO...don't need this today and then sod's law found the perfect space further down but in a panic now...time is ticking away...need to find pen and paper in my bag and leave my details for the other driver...NO PEN...went off to the stationers to buy one and returned to my car to find the other driver taking a pic of my car on his mobile phone but he was such a gent and was really nice about it and assured me it wouldn't cost much to fix so by the time I pay to repair or replace two mirrors...well  the crafty stash buying at Chez Kath could be somewhat curtailed for the foreseeable future. Now the day can only get better...Oh I am so excited the train is pulling into the station and here she comes struggling to carry a huge box...I know you are all chomping at the bit......who was my mystery visitor.......

MY BESTEST FISKARS BUDDY......the one and only ANN.....

the lovely lady that you all so kindly sent cards to for her Maggie's Centre Ann doesn't have a blog so you can't go and share some bloggy love but I am working on that just going to pester and pester until she decides to get one because you are all missing out big time...she is one talented cardmaker.    Ann has had a really tough time over the last year but has now completed all her treatment...she is looking great and I can truly say she is the nicest sweetest lady with a great sense of was great to meet up again and spend some time together and we just had the best time...chatting...chatting...chatting....what about...well mostly crafting...what else...had a little rummage in the cubbyhole...went out for a yummy lunch...more chatting and then all too was time for Ann's train home.
And what was in the huge box.....

well stuffed to the brim with gorgeous gorgeous linen cardstock...deary me...I could hardly carry it and a little tip for Stewart (Ann's lovely hubby) need some lessons tying string around a box...gee whizz...I won't have to buy cardstock for yonks and just as she was leaving...she gave me this gorgeous card

and the sentiment inside brought a little tear to my eye

Thank you for a wonderful day my lovely friend...hope we can do it all again very was so special you lots and this one is especially for you

and willpower...couldn't resist playing with my new goodies
Well folks that's it for to take the car to the garage and see how much of a crafty stash ban I am going to be on and who knows may just have to use up some of the gorgeous papers I already have...maybe not a bad thing after all but a little worry...first the coffeee and now the car...these things come in threes...OH DEAR and then it's back to craftyland...need to get the Funky Hand samples finished and off in the post.
Catch up with you all tomorrow on Penny Black Saturday and Stampin Chic....
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Oh Kath what a day!!!!!

    So sorry to hear about your little mishap but when your mind is full of exciting meet up's and craft stash theres no wonder that happened lol!

    hope its not too expensive and it leaves a little for some new rubber at least lol!....

    glad you had a great time (post bump)
    your card Anne gave you looks lovely and such a special message.....
    ooh rambly comment alert!!

    Emma xxx

  2. What a lovely card to receive from Ann. It's very true you can't have too many good friends and I know that you are definitely a lady to be friends with. Don't worry about the's just a thing..memories of having such a great day will last a lot longer!
    Anice xx

  3. Aw Kath `Sorry`:( your Day started out awful...I hope your car is sorted and dosent cost too much!!!
    So glad you got to meet up and have a special Day with your friend!!!!
    Thats some card!!!!!
    what beautiful cards....
    `Happy Ending`....had by all....
    `Beautiful` post...
    Have a lovely Day my `friend`:)♥

  4. Oh boy Kath what are you like...that station is a nighmare just now so I really see how it happened...Ive even taken to getting the bus home on a Wednesday because cant be bothered with the place...Glad your day was on the up after that and sounds like you had a great the card she gave you and the one you have made for her both are very special...You may get a surprise and not have to fork out too much for the repairs and just think of the fun you will have going through your stash hunting for papers bet ya theres loads that aint seen the light of day for work today so hopefully will get some cards made...Take care ttys....hugs Jackie xx

  5. True friends are a blessing. Glad you enjoyed your day.

  6. So glad to hear Ann has finished her treatment and is doing good. the next time you speak to her please pass on my regards and to her and her hubby too. it was lovely meeting them at the SECC as I can put faces to names now lol. Have a smashing day.

  7. glad the day turned out so well after sucha bad start- need to do one more sample then can get mine off in the post too

  8. Sounds like you had a fab day with your friend.Like Alison I remember her from the SECC.Two very special cards,both are gorgeous.Hope you don't have too much of a crafty stash ban,that would be unthinkable.
    Cass xxx

  9. Kath Have enjoyed so much the inspiration from last weeks Craftwork Cards blog. So sorry you're day started lousy.It "turned out nice again" though. Tell Ann to go for it. I was amazed at how easy it is once you get over the hump of thinking of a name. My niece who is seven has started one. She's only made one post so far but you have to start somewhere. Loved her card and the format especially.Like new ways of putting 'em togetherXXXXX

  10. eeeeek thats not good is it kath, i feel sorry for you a really do, not a good start to the day was it, i hope the mirror doesnt cost you too much and you will have neough money to buy some new crafty goodies :)


  11. Oh My what a start to the day :( I am sorry you had a little bender but glad you got to have your play date still :) Isn't it fun to get together with friends especially ones you don't get to see often!

  12. oh no! thankfully no one was hurt! but a stash ban till it is paid for......
    Sounds like you & Ann had a great day! and thats two beautiful friendship cards!
    love tina xx

  13. Glad the day ended well and you caught up with Ann. Pity about the wing mirrors - hope they don't make too big a dent in your craft allowance!

  14. Hi Kath

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day - despite!! I am pleased the re-arranged wing mirror owner was nice with you. (Wonder if he has done his version of the story on a blog somewhere?).

    It is so nice to have a special friend .. .. and Ann clearly is. We all need them.

    What beautiful cards you have exchanged. I can just tell that these are going to be kept for ever!

    See you tomorrow for the Penny Black Challenge.

    Love Jules xx

  15. Men always say it won't cost much, and it isn't always true I have found from little crashes in the past, lets hope your man was a truthful one and doesn't add on expensive labour and anything else he can think of.

    Glad your day went better after that!

    Cazzy x

  16. Awww KAth
    it was great to have a natter to you tonight - Great to see the pics of your day with Anne


  17. Oh honey I'm so glad that Ann made it up for a visit & isn't she just looking fantastic...

    I've been using my card every day since the SECC & still don't seem to have made a dent in it.

    Hope you don't have too much of a crafty ban placed on you. lol

    Lorraine xxx

  18. Oh dear Kath, what a pain about the car. I did similar not so long ago, reversed out of a friends drive into a car that I swear wasn't there before, it magically appeared, but as it was parked I couldn't really blame the poor owner. Sorry to hear about yours though and hope the costs aren't so bad. Ann looks lovely, and if you are reading this Ann, start a blog girl, we need to see more of your fab cards, the one you did for Kath is just gorgeous.
    En xx

  19. Just had such a lovely visit here ... it nearly felt as if I was there enjoying your lovely friend's visit. That card of hers is extra special because one can feel the true meaning behind her written words. Well on the accident front, I think you need to just smash an old plate to avoid the dreaded third mishap. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs from Desire