Sunday, August 30, 2015

Down but not out YET...

Hi everyone...thank you so much for your kind thoughts and good wishes after my "doing the splits" adventure...luckily it happened quite close to home but what the neighbours made of the little old "pregnant duck" waddling up the street at a snail's pace struggling to put one leg past the other is anybody's guess. We DO take our legs for granted...we just assume they're ready to take us where we want to go but when they're tested beyond their physical limits...a simple A to B trip to the kitchen to put the kettle on becomes a painful marathon and getting upstairs became the ascent of Everest...up on my hands and knees and down again on my's been an "eye watering and teeth gritting" few days I don't want to repeat.
But with another day of chilling on the sofa with the Furry Nurse in attendance and some crafty reading...
warm baths...plumping pillow attention and lots of tea and sympathy on the cards...I'm confident this old warrior will live to tell the tale...DOWN but not OUT yet.
It seems to me in this day and age of crazy Health & Safety and any excuse for silly litigation...I could well be looking at a huge compensation cheque...after all...WHO was responsible for leaving that rain tap on and WHO didn't make sure that the wet slippery grass was dried out properly. It's definitely a sign that I'm on the mend when the silly sense of humour returns...fingers crossed the old legs can catch up because I'm itching to get back to the cubbyhole for some SPOOKY PLAYTIME...
Have fun whatever you're doing today and I'll see you all tomorrow
Big Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh my! Just read about your mishap. Glad you're feeling some better and hope all is very well soon!

  2. I think you are recovering, your bringing smiles to me as I read this and it's a good sign. I slipped st work and skidded along the hallway, arms spread wide. When I came to a stop the boys picked me up and led me to my office. Later I walked back to the scene of the accident. The boys had taped the area and they were standing holding signs ..for the fall I received 3 - 10s and 1 - 9. I was told I would have gotten a perfect score had I stuck the landing. Lord know why I love them boys! Feel better soon!

  3. Oh dear Kath, I hope your soon back to your old's hard not being able to do the things you want, like dash around...I know, trust least you have a loyal 'nurse' in attendence...hehe.....Get well soon...xxxxx

  4. Sounds like you are on the mend. The rest has obviously done the trick.
    It must be very difficult not getting into the cubbyhole and playing with all those new goodies.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Toni xx

  5. Make the most of a day with your feet up. Pleased to read you are on the mend. Looks like you have more goodies to play with once you are able to make it back into the cubbyhole.
    Best wishes
    Chris x

  6. I just have a vision of you walking up the street now... I know the feeling so well, just glad that you are feeling much better now! Hugs, Anne xx


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