Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Just to let you know...

Hi folks...a quickie post from me today...I am rather up to my eyes in the cubbyhole working/playing...call it what you will...with new Fiskars products...
 but just wanted to let you know that all is well with Mr Dyson...
apparently he had a faulty Power Switch...absolutely nothing to do with his diet of chipboard and other cubbyhole unmentionables and he's now happily back to full fitness thanks to Dyson's fabulous customer service all free of charge under the 5 year guarantee.
But my eyes were out on stalks when I spotted the the Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum that THE DYSON DOC (or Field Engineer to give him his proper title) had with him to tidy up any debris he might leave on my kitchen floor...

I've been thinking about one of these lightweight boys for ages...great for the car...those hard to reach cobwebs and a godsend for the staircase so while he performed the necessary surgery I had a little jig around the house sucking up hairy deposits from YOU KNOW WHO and I'm tempted...very very tempted. The only fly in the ointment is hubby...he's not convinced but hey I've got years of experience in the sweet talking department...it may just take a little bit of time for the persuasive magic to work.
See you later
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Good luck with the sweet talking...LOL. I also love my Dyson, we have the same model and I even had an original DC1.....Enjoy your crafty day..I have one planned as it's my non paid work day today..yipee! x

  2. Hope all goes well in the cubbyhole. Glad Mr Dyson wasn't allergic to his diet.
    Toni xx

  3. I had to sweet talk hubby OUT of buying one Kath when he thought our little one was broken (it is OK again) but they are pretty amazing machines for their size.... I'll give it a week before your DH gives in - lol... Hugs, Anne xx

  4. So glad Mr Dyson lives! And that other one looks so useful. I'm sure you'll talk him round... x

  5. Good news about MrD Kath! I have one of those cordless stick Dyson, not the Animal one, the earlier one and the only thing I would warn against is - don't use it to clean up paper or card cuttings in the cubby hole!!! It has quite an acute angle on the flexible hose bit between the brush head and the tube, and even small pieces do get lodged in there very easily, then you lose suction and have to spend ages un jamming it! Apart from that, it is faultless and I absolutely love mine, so easy for stairs etc

  6. Oh Kath x as always I have a real chuckle when I read your posts x Poor Mr Dyson so glad he is well again and able to suck up the deposits from Buddy and your cubbyhole xx Poor DH.....I wonder how long it will be until he gives in. I must admit to having a cordless hoover, albeit another brand. I keep it upstairs as its handy for the bedrooms etc, but great for a quick dance around the house instead of a brush etc.

    Sending you huge hugs Annie xx.

  7. Good luck - the cordless dyson is fantastic. I never use the big one now. (And I think it picks up better than the big Dyson) So lightweight and easy to use! Have fun. x

  8. It's alive!!! I'm so pleased Dr. Dyson was able to fix Mr. Dyson. I've lusted after one for years now but, sadly, they are way out of my reach money-wise. I have one of those power carpet sweepers but not the air ram version. I managed to get it on sale and it seems to be okay for my small bungalow...although it needs to be emptied every five seconds when the cat has been indoors. He's VERY hairy and when he gets up he leaves his own little black carpet behind lol. I'm luckier with the dog as she's a Schnauzer and doesn't shed, thank goodness. I'm still hoping one day to join the Dyson family though as they really look the business. x

  9. I have the cordless Dyson, one word......amazing and worth every penny. We have 4 cats one is a Himalayan, talk about fur.....enough said. I don't know how I managed without it, and we have the big Dyson which I now use only once a week to do the "big" weekly clean up but in between with the cats, the little guy is my life saver. It works great in my craft room, even on as the carpet and easily picks up the bits and pieces of paper, not sure about chip board.

    Good luck!!!


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