Sunday, August 2, 2015

Voila or maybe not...

Hi folks...they say that pride comes before a fall and they're dead right...just as I was polishing my halo and feeling slightly chuffed with my construction skills... 
I discovered that the all important component for the top of the clock section that allows it to hang was missing from my kit...need to make a trip to The Papeterie to rummage through the rest of the kits...please don't let it be a "missing from every kit" production glitch...a bit of a sod's law blow when Mr Mojo was raring to go with the decorating...
but not surprising's been a sod of a week all round...roll on Monday morning. And if you were in the middle of reading this post yesterday morning when it suddenly are not losing the plot...that title belongs to the person who rarely knows what day of the week it is and got her scheduling dates mixed up...namely ME. If only I could plug in the old brain for a weekly "clear out the crap" click maintenance session...I'd be sorted.
I'll be thinking of all my crafty buddies having a blast today at the Wendy Vecchi workshop in London...I did intend joining them but when I was checking flights months ago I realised it was going to coincide with a special friend's big birthday surprise party this weekend and no way could I miss that...mind you the state of my head this morning...perhaps I made the wrong choice. Then on Friday the lovely Zoe Hillman got in touch to say she was unable to attend due to a heavy cold offering me her ticket...a reminder that crafty friends are so kind and generous...thanks Zoe Brenda and Anne for restoring my faith in human nature...sadly it wasn't to be...believe me if it was logistically possible to get from Aberdeen to London this morning in time for today's workshop..I would have been there in a flash...hangover or no hangover but it's not all doom and gloom in the cubbyhole this morning...woohoo I'm one of July's lucky winners over at "12 Tags"...thanks Tim and Mario...just goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining. I'm off to e-mail Mario...take a couple of pain killers and have a snuggle up on the sofa jammie day.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Well done Kath winning goodies from Mario & Tim is fab news!! Good to hear you enjoyed the surprise party even if it does result in a jammie day , we all need them!!! Hope you got your kit sorted out too.....looking forward to seeing the finished clock!!! Enjoy your pj day ....hugs Ann xx

  2. Hope you managed to get the missing bits for your clock.
    I saw your name listed over on Tim's blog - congrats (I won't cheer too loudly as you are feeling a little delicate this morning LOL)
    Enjoy your day.
    Toni xx

  3. Isn't it annoying when you find bits missing....but looking forward to seeing your finished project


  4. Oh, such a close run thing with the WV workshop... but at least you have your Tim win to celebrate! Really hope you find the bits you need to finish that fab looking clock.
    Alison xx


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