Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'm heading for the naughty step AGAIN...

Hi folks...Summer has definitely returned to this North East corner of the UK and I've been making the most of it...out and about with my Furry Partner or sitting in the garden with lots of cuppas which means the cubbyhole kitting production line has all but grind to a halt.  But if I can manage to drag myself back indoors today...Project 5 will be ready to be packed up...
once the Glittered Festive Berries dry...
that's the good news...the bad news is I may as well just go and sit on the naughty step now. Time to confess my sins...hold my hands up and take the blame for Mr Dyson being poorly. Sorry Mr D...I didn't know that a diet of chipboard debris wasn't good for your health...don't know if he's going to make it to be honest...all depends what the Dyson Doctor has to say but the first available house call appointment is the 24th...seriously the remaining cubbyhole crew might be wiped out by then...drowned in a sea of debris.
And in for a penny...in for a pound...I may as well own up to another misdemeanour...naughty naughty dipping into the cubbyhole stash purse again...I know you'll understand...it's so hard to resist the crafty addiction we all suffer from...
not sure hubby will be so sympathetic...if Mr D needs replacing...he's not going to be best pleased at the "bread and water" diet for the rest of the month...fingers crossed Dr Dyson can work his magic and Naughty Step Misdemeanour No 2 will forever remain our little secret.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Here's hoping Doctor Dyson can work his magic Kath!....I'm in a similar fix with my vax & need to find a doctor for that too, as all attempts by moi to fix it have failed!!! Love all the new stash unfortunately I can't buy anymore as I have a load of Birthdays on the run up to Christmas & I so need the crazy bird accessories......oh well I can dream!!! Have a fab day, hugs Ann & Nero xx

  2. I do hope that Dr Dyson can repair it! Our spare little hand held Dyson went on the blink last week, but seems to be working again this week.... Love your new goodies, if that is the first rub on tool you have tried you will love it - it makes the job so much easier! Playing with my crazy bird accessories today.... Hugs, Anne xx

  3. My lips are sealed LOL
    Hope Dr Dyson can work his magic.
    Toni xx

  4. Here's hoping Mr Dyson isn't quite ready to go to the great dustbowl in the sky yet.
    As for the other misdemeanour... Been there, done that, and am currently looking at your haul with enough envy to think that it may very well be about to happen again! lol. x

  5. I was relieved to read it wasn't Buddy this time!

  6. Lol Kath! All I can say is, our addiction is cheaper than crack cocaine, and not quite so bad for our health!!



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