Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weally...what's up with the weather...

Hi it raining where you are...what on earth has happened to the weather...from SIZZLING SUMMER SUNDAY to MONSOON MONDAY and TORRENTIAL RAIN TUESDAY...
not only wet but windy and chilly to boot...feels like Autumn has arrived and after many doggy stroll soakings and changes of clothes...not forgetting the bundles of wet dog towels whirling around in the tumble dryer...the cubbyhole crew are feeling a bit downhearted. According to The Met office...October is going to be beautiful...seriously don't hold your breath folks...they struggle to predict tomorrow's weather accurately let alone months in advance. And we may well be in for more of the same today...another fun "batten down the hatches-hardly gets light-running out of dry clothes" weally weally WET WEDNESDAY.
I'm not the only one who's fed up with the weather...I have one Crazy Bird who desperately needs a pair of wellies before she can go splashing through the puddles...
and before you ask...the umbrella and cute little duck are from the Penny Black "Sunshine In The Rain" Slapstick stamp...
Thank you all so much for sharing your feedback on the Dyson Cordless...I'm bombarding hubby with all your comments...fingers crossed between us we'll beat him into submission.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. This crazy bird doesn't look like the rain is going to dampen her mood. Love it!

  2. Fab card to go with the weather.raining here in northants aswell x

  3. Been wet here since Sunday.
    Love the crazy bird card Kath - the combination of stamps looks wonderful.
    Toni xx

  4. Wet & Windy Wednesday here hun - my feet are heading towards prune status this week. Loving your Bird card, but that can't be British rain, the bird looks too happy! Hugs xx

  5. Oh Kath don't get me started on this weather....even when the rain is doing it's best to wash us away, we are all so hot, what's going
    Anyway, I LOVE your card, so cute and something to smile about...x

  6. this is brilliant Kath - I wish Tim had put that umbrella in his set! Hugs rachel x

  7. It has been a pretty miserable summer for those of us north of Watford but I think Scotland has taken the brunt. No consolation but cool and wet here too. Love the bird crazy card, so appropriate too!! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. Same weather down in here Somerset...feel so sorry for the children on school holidays....your bird card is fabulous...


  9. Hi Kath. The weatherman actually got it right yesterday and the deluge hit Cornwall last night. High winds, torrential rain...horizontal at time due to the gale. At one stage early this morning my fur baby decided she needed out and |I swear I saw the ark glide by my back garden. This morning it's like being on a different planet though, just a gentle breeze and sunshine!!! Don't you just love the UK weather lol. I love what you did with your crazy bird. I'm ashamed to say that, after considerable thought on my part due to the cost, I bought both the stamps and the dies...but as yet I've not used them as I'm STIL trying to sort out my craft room. Not an easy job with the pain from my spinal stenosis but I've now managed to move the freezer and tumble dryer that shares my limited space and have set up a work space using, you'll love this, two doors from my airing cupboard resting on some drawer units. They are just the right height for my office chair. Now I have space for storing my die cutter, sewing machine and the like and still have a nice space, which will eventually be clear, to actually do some crafting. Who cares about the weather when there's work to do inside lol. x

  10. We have had the same weather here in Montreal was hot and sunny one minute and about 10 minutes later a torrential downpour which lasted for at least an hour followed by some fairly miserable rain....

    Love the card!!! Miss Bird and her little duck friend are just adorable.

  11. Today was just a perfect day here in the state of Delaware.....doesn't happen all the time and we may be in for some really hot weather again over the weekend! Plus who knows what the storms in the Caribbean may do(it's definitely hurricane season). Just saying...not bragging(it could turn nasty here, too)but I did enjoy it! I love your card and though I'm not the biggest fan of those crazy birds, you create wonderful cards and images with them. I hope TH is aware of your creativity with those birds! Hope tomorrow's weather is better where you are!


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