Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Oops Spoke Too Soon...

Hi folks...oops I spoke too soon and definitely put the dampers on Summer...we're back to the gloomy rainy weather again but it's not all bad news...the last project for The Retreat is almost in the bag...
 just a little bit of titivating...a few stamped additions...
and a little bit of die-cutting...which should be a piece of cake with the new Precision Base Plate...
not originally supposed to be delivered until Thursday so it was a real sod's law moment when it arrived 30 minutes after I completed the Holiday Greens die-cutting session...but hey that's life or c'est la vie as they say in France...
and you won't believe how tidy I can keep my workspace when the alternative is a "down on your hands and knees" job picking up every little bit of debris while Mr D is incapacitated...
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Your trees and deer are lovely,Kath. Such pretty colors. I didn't know about the precision plate. Is it for intricate dies like the trees. It sure would be helpful to have. Your cubbyhole looks so tidy. Must be a joy to be as talented as you are and have all your goodies to have a play with each day.

  2. I love the new stamps and dies - they will be on my wish list when I get some funds! Your room is so tidy - I have a week off work next week so will try to tidy a bit! Love to the gorgeous Buddy xx

  3. Love the new dies and those stamps look amazing...
    Hope the Dyson can be brought back to good health real soon Kath...xx

  4. Love the stamps and dies, something else for my wishlist!
    As for the weather, if it makes you feel better, we are looking out over Lake Garda today, with grey skies and rain! xx

  5. That really was sod's law Kath, I love my Precision Plate, it makes life so, so much easier when cutting out little bits and pieces. Love your sneak peek too. We had a gloomy day yesterday but Mr Sun has made an appearance today - hooray! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Looking good Kath. I have a magnetic plate which is fabulous too. Hopefully the sun is shining again xx

  7. I think the first week in August was our Summer down here - it is looking decidedly Autumnal and the nights are starting to draw-in.
    Glad you've got the kitting under control. The peeks look really fab.
    Toni xx


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