Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hi folks...crikey...freaky weather...torrential rain one minute...brilliant sunshine the next but whatever the weather...all's well in the cubbyhole for now...the missing clock component has been replaced and this is a statement I may come to regret but...we're back on schedule and everything's tickety-boo...
the kitting for Saturday's workshop is coming along nicely...
so before we knuckle down and get the projects for The Retreat nailed...we're treating ourselves to a little playtime with this month's tag...all work and no play...know what I'm saying.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Great news Kath!! Have fun with your 'me' time tag crafting before you get back to your busy schedule!! Hugs Ann xx

  2. You always sound so busy Kath, how do you keep up, just been looking at the last two post I missed, that clock is looking awesome and I really want to see the finished result...have fun..xx

  3. Glad you have the missing piece so you can complete your clock.
    The weather down here is strange too at the moment. After a lovely morning & afternoon yesterday, it came over so dark I thought we were in for one hell of a storm but then we had the most fabulous pink sky as the sun went down.
    Toni xx

  4. Sorry I missed the post about the missing piece, but glad it turned up! It is always good to have some 'me time' - enjoy! Our weather is pretty bad here too.... sigh. I was glad to get away from the heat in London, but having the central heating on at this time of year is just plain silly!! Hugs, Anne xx


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