Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"12 Tags of 2016"...August

Hi we are at the 8th tag...two-thirds of the way through "12 Tags of 2016" already...
 and this month's Technique Remix...Brayered Stain and Frameworks...

 I couldn't resist adding a little bit of Vintage Foil just to liven it up a bit...
and perhaps it's time to start filing the tags away in their "2016" Worn Cover...the problem is I've turned the cubbyhole upside down and can't find the ring binder and tag pockets and one's not much good without the others...did I order them and file them away in that special "safe" place or did I have a senior moment and forget ...who knows....
I suspect it could be the latter because when my parcel of Halloween Idea-ology goodies arrived...I seem to have forgotten to order the pumpkins...seriously...what's the point of making a shopping list if you don't follow it to the wouldn't shop for the ingredients for chicken curry and come home without the chicken would you...
time to make a cuppa...sit down and make a "I'm such a numptie" list and make sure I get it right this time.
See you all later
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Just one of those things Kath, not to worry....the tags are fabulous.....
    Have a lovely day....xx

  2. Morning Kath, I often do this, no worries, I hope you have a wonderful day and your tag is fabulous.
    Linda xxx

  3. Love your tag. I can't believe you forgot the pumpkins Kath! ;) x

  4. Love your interpretation Kath! Beautiful as always.
    And also, thank you for the reminder I really need to get off my backside and get cracking on mine! x

  5. Lovely tag Kath. Those "safe" places seem to get safer & safer don't they LOL
    Lots of lovely goodies there for you to play with.
    Toni xx

  6. Ha, ha, you could be like me and order two sets of pumpkins from two separate places - and couldn't remember I did it..... so I am there with you. I have not had much luck ordering the tag pockets either....!

    Your tag is gorgeous, I love that you added the foil too, it looks amazing! Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Hi Kath.Sorry have been away,family crisis.Back now and will catch up on posts.Love the Beautiful Tag.Do hope you and the hooligan are all good.Huggles and Cuddles for Buddy.xxxx

  8. I love your take on Tim's August tag. Gorgeous colors! And the vintage foil ... awesome! I had to laugh out loud about the missed pumpkins. Yes, I can definitely see its like forgetting to buy the chicken for a chicken curry recipe :) Looking forward to see what you do with all those marvelous Halloween goodies! -- Mary Elizabeth

  9. Beautiful interpretation of Tim's tag Kath, love the layered wildflowers and the touch of gold foil. I have so many lists going for all of the new releases that I need a list for my lists! Happy pumpkin and pocket shopping, Deb xo

  10. A the foil makes everything better!!!


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