Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back To Normal...

Hi folks...things are getting back to normal in the cubbyhole after the traumas of last week...well as normal as it ever gets in our crazy crafty space and I'm happy to say that The Furry Boy has returned to his usual hooligan self and is being a superstar patient as always. Naughty of me I know but I just couldn't resist sharing this "does my bum look big in this" view of his super snazzy hot pink with polka dots underwear...the latest fashion in post op "wound protection" wear.
And it seems Summer has deserted us once again...it's been rather chilly...wet and downright miserable in our neck of the woods...feels more like October than August but a great excuse to spend the weekend snuggled up in the cubbyhole doing a bit of indoor gardening...planting up little pots of Tiny Tattered Florals and trying to avoid the scary spiders
In the meantime...it's another school day...time to join our adorable Professor in the classroom...are you enjoying it as much as I am....crikey if school had been this much fun first time round...I would definitely have paid more attention.
Catch up with you later
Hugs Kath xxx


misteejay said...

Love the peeks of your 'indoor' gardening.
Toni xx

Jane said...

Glad to see Buddy is doing well. Your indoor garden looks great. Day 1 was amazing with Tim...I can't believe how much he packed into one day....! See you in the classroom...LOL xx

Redanne said...

Buddy's bum looks anything but big in those posh pj's, he just looks adorable. Love the peek of your garden creation Kath!

It was such a great class yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for today's now! Hugs, Anne xx

Sandra H said...

Aww l love the polka dots undies just my colour too!....lol nice to read all is well and Buddy looks to be better take care x

Linda Simpson said...

This is fabulous Kath, love all the wonderful textures. Lovely to hear that buddy is doing well.
Linda xxx

Janette said...

The sneek peek has me all excited Kath...can't wait, looks fab.....hugs to Buddy...xx

Brenda in IN said...

Your indoor garden is spectacular! I love all the detail. I'm so glad Buddy is doing well. His new undies remind me of a hospital gown open in the back! He is the most beautiful boy.

Annie said...

Hi Kath x been away for a week hence no comments from me x I am so glad to hear that Buddy is doing well after his surgery. Sending you both big hugs xxxx totally love the idea of PJ's for the post op healing. I remember dad putting a sweatshirt on his Spaniel in a similar situation. Very clever and more comfortable too

Looks like you have been enjoying some playtime in the cubbyhole ....sneak peek looks great

Have fun with the Professsor....fingers crossed I can play along tomorrow xx

Hugs Annie x

Lee said...

WOW,FAB,yes I do mean Buddy's Pink rear lol,awww bless him,he really does take it all in his stride doesn't he.Love the sneek peek.Huggles and Huge Cuddles for Buddy.xxx

Greta said...

That picture is a treasure--so funny! Glad to hear he's doing well! Love your work, Kath!


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