Friday, August 19, 2016

August Tag Take 2...

Hi's Friday and after 3 glorious days of doing nothing but sit in the sun and soak up some much needed Vitamin was back to the same old yesterday and the cloudy and drizzly weather is said to continue into next week. So there was nothing else for it but to drag ourselves back to the cubbyhole for a "needs must/back to the hamster wheel" day.
And top of the list was another go at this month's tag for 
I wasn't too happy with Numero Uno and I don't know about you but when something bugs me...I've just got to fix here we go with August Tag Take 2...

I'm taking some "get away from it all" time off in September and with no Friday Girls adventure today...I'm planning on getting  my head down and nailing a month's worth of DT projects and scheduled posts but can I resist the temptation of playing with all these delicious left-overs...
before I move on to yesterday's Happy Mail DT parcel from Simon Says...
a perfectly timed delivery means I'm all set to make a start on Project No 1...
but before I go...time to let you all know that my Furry Companion is back to firing on all cylinders...the stitches are out...the cone of shame is back in the cupboard and apart from a shaved left'd never know he'd had surgery unlike hubby who had a tooth extraction which required stitching a few days ago. Blimey it's obvious that the human male is not as resilient as the doggy a nutshell...he's driving me up the wall...according to was touch and go whether he would survive the night...needless to say he's still with us and moaning at every opportunity in that familiar male "feel sorry for myself " voice...his tea is too hot...can I just have thin soup for supper. Seriously...another few days of this and my "get away from it all" holibobs may be happening sooner rather than later.
In the meantime...enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned and I'll see you all on Monday over at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Glad to hear Buddy is now stitch & cone free...perhaps you could threaten hubby with the cone LOL.
    Love the tag Kath and all those lovely goodies - gosh you are going to have some super 'play' time.
    Toni xx

  2. Good to hear Buddy is back to normal, hope hubby is soon better too. Gorgeous tag, lovely colours and texture

  3. Now you're just showing off! some of us haven't even started on tag number one, and here you are with number two. And a stunning one it is too!
    Glad to hear Buddy is bouncing back, and I'm not at all surprised to hear he's doing so quicker than the human male in the house. Men are actually wimps... could you imagine them going through childbirth!? hehe... Have a lovely day Kath. x

  4. Hi Kath. I am still chuckling from your comment. I so know where you are coning from!! It is such a male thing. So pleased all is well for Buddy. Extra hug from me. I hope all will be well by Monday!!
    Enjoy your weekend. Smiles. Jan.xx

  5. Oh my gosh, aren't men a pain when they are ill! I hope he gets better soon and so happy to hear that buddy is back to normal. Loving your goodies. A gorgeous tag too.
    Linda xxx

  6. Great news about Buddy, not so about hubby though....hope his mouth heals soon! I loved your first tag and this one is a real beauty too. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Lol Kath that's so funny my hubby also had his tooth roots out this week. Men!!!! All the same, I sent him to bed as the winging and moaning sent me round the bend. Keep us smiling and and inspiring xxx xxx

  8. How wonderful! I really love the denim, great accent!

  9. Well not sure what you didn't like about tag no. 1 but tag no. 2 is a stunner! Glad to hear Buddy has fully recovered and hope your hubby is on the mend soon too (for both your sakes!) We are heading off on holidays for September as well so hear you about DT prepping, hope it all goes smoothly and have fun playing with your new goodies! Deb xo

  10. Good Afternoon my Friend. Yes, it really is me back to commenting. Love your Tags and this one is fabulous. Looking forward to see what you do with the denim !!!. Pleased to hear about Darling Buddy, he really bounces back after all the trauma. I know what you mean about Males, I get it most days, but now I can shut it out. Came up to my craftroom and made a start again, but waiting 0n gesso drying. Take Care. Hugs Rita xxxx

  11. Ooh your so lucky soaking up the sun we got a taste of it but didn't last it's now raining none stop and the puddles are getting deeper your tag is gorgeous as always your producing stunning craft works and sending lots of love to Buddy so pleased he's cone free and getting better enjoy your day whatever your plans x

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the flower is denim...brilliant! Such a gorgeous take...a second take of beauty!

  13. Beautiful tag Kath, I love the wildflowers and the gorgeous colours you've used. I'm just catching up on visiting my favourite blogs. Sorry I've not been around as often. I was sorry to read Buddy has been through such a worrying time, but I'm glad he's recovering well. I've been so busy with loads of home life stuff, keeping an eye on our mischievous young puppy, work and running back and forth to visit my old dad in hospital for a few weeks now. I need more hours in the day. Trying to fit in a bit of creativity is difficult and to have a bit of me time, so when I can visiting you here with a mug of tea in my hand is good therapy. Give Buddy a hug for me, I hope he's feeling much better now and is able to enjoy his lovely walks again. Alexandra xx


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