Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's been a blast...

Hi folks...I had the best fun last week playing along with our adorable Professor at Creative Chemistry was absolutely packed with techniques inspirational adventure and I'm so sad that after Wrap Up and Bloopers on will be over...
spending busy mornings in the cubbyhole getting my homework done...the proof is in the pudding or in my case...the very messy wipe up cloth and relaxing afternoons over at Tim's place...
A huge thank you to Tim and Mario for taking time to share this wonderful experience with us truly felt like a one-to-one master class...sitting in Tim's studio...right across the desk from our Professor as he guided us through each technique...the amount of work that goes into putting together 5 days of creative inspiration is unbelieveable...believe me when I say it's the best value for money $25 you will ever spend. Hats off to you guys for another great job and here's to "fingers crossed" Creative Chemistry 104.
So today I'm sharing my "huge pile of technique tags" in other words my Creative Chemistry homework
Day 1 - Distress Accessories
 Day 2 - Distress Paint & Sprays
 Day 3 - Distress Collage Mediums & Textures
Day 4 - Distress Crayons
Day 5 - Alcohol Ink & Yupo
this was my favourite of all the technique days so much so that I just couldn't stop playing...
and I was blown away by the Stamped Resist technique in particular...
but my fellow students will notice there are two technique tags missing...Landscape and Splattered Floral.what can I say apart from...disasters darling...I know when I've met my waterloo and no way was I wasting anymore precious Yupo but I may have another "compressed air can/straw/Distress Marker thingamijiggy thing" go one day but not anytime soon so don't watch this space.
In the meantime I have technique labels to attach and acetate pages to cut...
so that I can file all the tags in their special Creative Chemistry 103 get to it because today is stitches and cone of shame removal day for one very special Furry individual who no doubt will be back in hooligan mode as from tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. What a fabulous collection Kath. Your "homework" looks amazing.
    Have fun with the furry boy and his 'de-stitching'.
    Toni xx

  2. WOW Kath, these are all fabulous! I hope everything goes well for buddy today.
    Linda xxx

  3. Hi Kath,
    It looks like you've had a whale of a time with 103 and the tags are to die for! I think perhaps I should take a look at 101 and see if I think that I could maybe have a go without filling up my bin with disasters lol, then I would have to start saving up to get all the kit required as the only thing TH I have would be a few distress ink pads and some stamp and die sets...sadly lacking I know!
    Bejay xx

  4. You certainly gathered some wonderful creations there Kath, bet your already looking forward to the next one...xx


  5. It truly has been an a amazing Journey this week in CC103, hasn't it Kath. Thanks so much for being a part of it. Loved your inspiration piece!!! And your technique tags are truly gorgeous. So much fun to play this week. I haven't spent this much time in my craft room in a long time. LOVED IT. And the cool thing is that I just keep coming up with more and more 'what if I try ... " questions in my headl. Talk about inspiration. These techniques just opened the door on my creativity. It's going to be great fun trying out all my new ideas. Thanks for sharing allowing us to walk this journey with you this week :). -- Mary Elizabeth.

    PS -- Hurrah for stitches out and cone of shame removal!!!!

  6. I'd been waiting patiently to see your homework, and you did not disappoint. They are ALL gorgeous! Every single one. but then, I expected no less.
    And you're not the only one that missed out alcohol ink techniques. I was personally defeated by the water colouring one.

    It was such an amazing few days. I'm sad it's just about over too.

    Good luck and a big hug to Buddy x

  7. Hi Kath. Wow, these tags are just gorgeous!! Your delight over the workshop shows in your tags.
    Only wish I could do such smashing work. Hope Buddy gets on o.k. today. Hugs. Jan. xx

  8. It really is the best value class I have ever taken, it has been amazing!! I love your sample tags, they are beautiful. I did manage the blown flower on Yupo but the landscape one - hmm, not so sure and like you I don't want to risk any more Yupo...

    I hope Buddy is doing well and feeling a bit more comfortable now. Hugs, Anne xx

  9. This is actually the first class where I managed to create something for each day of class, even though I haven't been able to try all of the techniques, simply because I don't own all of the supplies. And there never seems to be enough time in a day, even if I'm on a 2-week holiday break, but it seems that I also have a lot of sleeping to catch up on...
    Tried the landscape technique last night and after some initial frustration, I love how my very first landscape turned out (just posted it on my blog). Maybe it's just beginner's luck, but I surely hope not.

  10. BTW, maybe you could go over your failed creations with a blending tool and a little blending solution and then reuse it for another attempt?

  11. Great to see these all together - you have clearly been having fun! Chrisx

  12. Agree whole heartedly Kath, it's been an amazing course filled with inspiration and fun and totally impressed you got all your homework done, I am woefully behind. Fabulous work as always, you did The Professor proud! Hope Buddy is back to his old self again now that the cone of shame will be no more and that your shins recover soon! Deb xo

  13. Always love your work. Could you do a post on more details on how you make your binders for storing your tags? Thanks
    Trish G

  14. It was a great class and I agree it is amazing value for $25. Your tags are fabulous and I loved your card on day 3 showing the gold embossing technique, love that card!! Congrats on being part of a great class.


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