Thursday, August 4, 2016

Woohoo and OH NO all in one day...

Hi last I can share the secret I've had to keep to myself for chuffed was I to be invited by my hero/my inspiration/our adorable Professor Tim Holtz to be a Guest Artist over at Creative Chemistry 103. Seriously...I was gobsmacked/excited/dancing on the ceiling/woohoo-ing all over the house and terrifed all at the same time...I must have read that e-mail 10 times before my brain computed that this was real...I feel so honoured to have been invited to take part in such a fabulous creative and inspirational adventure which just gets better and better by the fact I don't want it to end and what a thrill to see my project featured on Day 3 alongside my lovely super talented UK buddies...Emma and Kaz.
And woohoo...Day 1's homework is in the bag...
and my favourite Day 1 techique...Distress Offset Stamping
I certainly learned my lesson from CC101 and CC102...30 tags with bulky embellishments in a binder end up as a War and Peace Tome that won't close so I'm keeping my technique tags simple...for now they are just references for future projects.
But it's not all good news in the cubbyhole today...someone has blotted his copybook big time.  I woke yesterday morning to the sound of licking...the pink polka dot PJs were nowhere to be seen...that could only mean one thing...the Furry Boy's stitches had begun to itch and he was determined to get at them.
He was marched downstairs with my "mad Mum" voice ringing in his ears and fitted with the blow up Donut collar which he promptly deflated and burst within 10 minutes...seriously...time for another ticking off and the punishment of spending the next week wearing the ultimate nightmare...the cone of shame...
which has already attacked the back of my legs multiple times...taken a few chips out of my new paintwork and cleared a whole shelf of stamps in the cubbyhole with a quick sideways flick...I suspect it's going to be a long eventful week.
Hugs Kath xxx