Monday, August 1, 2016

It's all happening today...

Hi Everyone...a new day...a new week...a new month and it's all happening today...looking forward to a brand new tag for "12 Tags"...the start of Creative Chemistry 103 over at Summer of Creative Chemistry...
are you as excited as I am about heading off to the classroom to join our adorable Professor for a week of fabulous techniques and the chance to soak up all that great product knowledge that Tim so generously shares with us all but that's not all...I'll be sharing what I made for this week's challenge over at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge at 2.00pm and what last week's crafty superstar guests made for an extra special challenge from Simon Says Stamp at 5.00pm...blimey 3 blog posts in one day...I may need a lie down in between.
And all is good with the Furry's a huge relief to know that little sucker (nasty or not) is gone...removed with good clean margins and although we have to wait a few weeks for the histology results...we're feeling optimistic. The resident adorable hooligan is taking it all in his stride as usual...there are no whining...just the occasional rather loud sigh...his way of telling his Mum he's a little bit pissed off with the walks on the lead regime for the next two weeks but he's taken to his Big Boy Pants like a duck to water.  I think I may have identified a gap in the alternative to the dreaded cone of shame...perhaps I should team up with M&S and design super comfy post op vests and pants for our doggy friends.
But while I wait for my new designer career to take's back to the cubbyhole to share today's big Numptie moment...I've been busy checking and gathering my supplies for class over the last few weeks and thought I was all set and good to go when the last on the list arrived on Friday...
but dear oh dearie could I not have noticed that the most important of them all...the tags...were in short supply but as luck would have it...I happened across a pack of 12x12 Manila cardstock I didn't even know I jammie am I but can I fit in a quick die cutting session before the bell rings...don't want to be late for school on my first day.
See you all at 2.00pm
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Gosh, you will be busy today - 3 posts - wow.
    Glad Buddy is taking everything in his stride.
    Have a great time at 'school'.
    Toni xx

  2. I'm enrolled too exciting..see you in the classroom ;0) xx

  3. Enjoy the class room Kath and looking forward to seeing what you create.
    Linda xxx

  4. Kath ... this is wonderful. I loved seeing all your "school supplies". I'm just about as excited as you are about CC103. I've got a count down going ... 2.5 hours to go now. A nice lie down between all of the exciting posts today sounds awesome ... especially with all this heat. Looking forward to seeing all of your creativity today. Glad to hear Buddy is doing well. Definitely see the need for fur friends convalescence wear! See you in class -- Mary Elizabeth

  5. Kath what a fab day for you, can't wait to see what you create...
    Love to Buddy...xx

  6. Oooooh,you will have such a fab time,can't wait to see your creations.Soooo glad Buddy is doing well bless him.Just got back from the soggy doggies hee hee,chucking it down here after yesterday's heat wave.Huge Hugs and Cuddles for Buddy.xxxx

  7. Snap, same problem here so I have been cutting more tags too.... wasn't it a fabulous class today though, I enjoyed every moment!

    I think you might be on to a winner with the PJ's, I hate the thought of animals wearing those horrid cones, I am sure Buddy is very grateful to you! Hugs, Anne xx


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