Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Hi folks...WE are currently sitting on the naughty step...that's the Royal "WE"...the Furry Boy and his Mum aka The Cubbyhole Crew and apparently the misdemeanours are so serious we may be here for some time. Let's start off with the Furry Boy...yesterday's absolute star has blotted his copybook big time...he was well and truly banged to rights...left without a leg to stand on when he was caught red handed licking his stitches. Goodness knows how but he managed to puncture the comfy collar (well if truth be told...ripped to shreds would be more accurate) which is now as flat as a pancake...beyond redemption and headed for the bin.
A picture's worth a thousand words...the "I'm sorry Mum" repentant hooligan is back to sporting the dreaded lampshade and I don't think he's chuffed that it's PINK...well if you do the crime you have to do the time in the doghouse...
And now it's my turn to step into the dock and just like my furry partner in's time to fess up and come clean. I was well and truly rumbled when Mr Postie announced the arrival of more "I'm powerless to resist" purchases...there are only so many deliveries you can put down to DT stuff before the crafting Gestapo aka hubby begins to smell a rat.
And how can you explain to the resident non-crafting grumpy interrogator that there are certain things out there...despite the threat of living on crumbs from the fridge until the end of month...that are destined to take up residence in the cubbyhole and top of that list were the ever so cute and dinky Mini Distress Inks...
and just when I thought my collection was complete...Mr TH...the principal reason I find myself in hot water again...has just released another 3 sets...well of course it makes sense to have these little gems in all 48 colours but I fear my fate is sealed and I'll be heading back to the naughty step tout suite because they have now arrived in the UK and you can get yours HERE
The Furry Boy may well have bitten off his nose to spite his face but as usual he's taking the latest hiccup in his humans would do well to take a leaf out of his book...why get stressed about stuff that is outwith your control so I'm adopting my furry friend's "c'est la vie" "am I bothered" atitude...we just need hubby to join our little club and in the words of Del Boy...all will be cushty in the cubbyhole or maybe not but I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh, you are so right .. there's only so much you can claim as "no cost to you"!! But it does help! It is by nature that we are attracted to "cute little things", even if we have the same thing in a larger size!! If Mr. TH is reading this, I suggest he send you several of each item in his catalog .. you do them so proud!! And buddy didn't know he was being naughty ...

  2. You right the best blog posts ever, don't know how you do it. Hope you get off the naughty step soon.

  3. Naughty but nice as they say, these little time are so darn cute. Then again so is Buddy and I am sure you will both get a pardon soon x

  4. At least you are both keeping each other company on the naughty step.

    Those mini pads are so cute and they look super in the tins - so hard to resist.

    Toni xx

  5. Awww, poor boy. he does look sorry now, or is it "Can you take this off... I'm stuck!" look on his face. The other collar must have looked like a new chew toy to Buddy, he was probably thinking "Thanks mum!" after all, I'm sure you spoil him with stuff when he's under the weather.
    They are cute and a convenient dinky size for portable crafting. At least you can wriggle out of some of your purchases. I just have to hope I'm the one to meet the postie at my door with my parcles, so I can quickly plonk them in my crafty room, lol. My naughty step is well worn now for this. Alexandra x

  6. Well at least you can keep each other company on the naughty step! Sadly, I have no excuse when Mr Postie arrives, it is all down to me - hubby has that 'resigned' look on his face when they arrive - lol. Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Well, I for one can't blame either of you... Itchy stitches are maddening and will drive all reason from one's mind, and TH goodies are *impossible* to resist. Honestly, it's futile to even try.

    The sooner someone can explain this to both our hubbies, the better. x

  8. Ha, these minis are cute aren't they. I just ordered several TH supplies but I resisted the minis, since I don't use the larger set enough for me to justify buying the small omes, even though I have recently found that the minis moght work better for certain techniques... My excuse for buying is always that I get a discount, and guess what, my husband tells me to go for it!
    Cannot blame the furry boy for having a go at those nasty stitches. Last year, we had two of our cats wearing (transparent) lamp shades almost at the same time. Mr. Vatsiko managed to get his leg broken in January, and now has 2 expensive oins in his leg, and Queen Kokkini was hit by a car (acc to the vet) and had a broken jaw and torn ligaments in one of her legs. It's a miracle she survived and responded to my husband's shouting and whistling despite her being in shock.

  9. Hi Kath
    Looks like you both gave in to temptation.
    Love Angela x

  10. "This time next year we'll be millionaires" .... probably not, but hey, you only live once Kath! Enjoy your little indulgences - you deserve them, and as someone else has already said on here, the amount of TH stuff you use, the Professor of all things distress should be sending you free samples as a thank you! Mr Tim Holtz take note! Hugs, Julie xxx

  11. Oh Buddy, what a naughty boy. :) Hope your stiches heal soon and your get rid of that cone! Enjoy your lovely new inks.

  12. Oooooo nooooo,just look at that lil face,actually pink does suit him lol.I agree with what Sammy says though,she is right.Hugs to you and Huge Cuddle for the gorgeous furry boy even if he has been on the naughty step,he is sooooo

  13. oh dear! Well Buddy does look sorry for himself - its funny how forlorn they all look in a lampshade isn't it? And as for you kath - imagine getting rumbled by the crafting gestapo - and its true - we do live on the breadline to fund our habits - sorry that should be hobbies !!! Nevermind - at least you've got those new pads to play with!!! Hugs rachel xx

  14. Oh Buddy!!! Naughty, naughty you know you HAVE to leave those stitches alone, yes I know they get so itchy but that's a sign of things getting better( well that's what my mum tells me). You look cute in your lamp shade again no one to blame but yourself!!! Like your mum she can't blame you or anyone else for that new crafty stuff, but just think if she is crafting you can get the sofa all to yourself. Take it easy Harris. Enjoy playing with your fab distressing inks Kath. Hazel

  15. That is the most pitiful face I've ever seen! Poor Buddy, just doing what comes naturally. I love the little mini's but I could resist until they came out with the little metal case. That makes them so adorable. Now I'm saving up. Food versus mini's. Well, we could afford to lose a few pounds.


Thanks for taking the time to visit us in the cubbyhole...your lovely comments make our day...hugs Kath & Buddy xxx


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