Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's not all good news...

Hi folks...the old British weather never fails to amaze...Summer returned to Bonnie Scotland this week and we've been enjoying alfresco breakfasts again...
well I should say I am...while the Furry Boy looks on in anticipation...what doesn't he understand about the word DIET...absolutely no sneaky treats allowed and it's been great to be out and about without the need for the "Nanook Of The North jacket" again...
but sure as fate it all changed within 24 hours and we're back to the cold miserable rain like stair rods stuff again. Just when I thought I'd managed to keep my head under the radar so to speak...I was nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge. After lots of "Will I-Won't I" I've decided to opt out of the challenge but the cubbyhole crew have donated to...
and my friend Louise's Clan Landmark Walk Justgiving Page...
call me pooper...whatever...when you live in the frozen could mean hypothermia...pneumonia and at my age...possible cardiac arrest and hey I'm far too busy to spend a week in intensive care. Joking aside...I've never been a follow the flock way too long in the tooth now to bow to peer pressure and at the end of the day what's more important...making a difference to peoples' lives with a donation or boring your fellow Facebookers to tears with yet another squealing crafter being drenched in what to lots of people in the world is a very precious commodity...we all take having clean running water on tap for granted and it's easy to be wasteful when you don't have to walk half a day to fill your bucket. After 3 very wet "chucking it down with rain" doggy strolls yesterday...returning home with water running out the ar*e of my breeks...3 hot showers and 3 changes of clothes later...I think I've more than qualified with my personal "Heavens Opened Soaked Right Through" Challenge.
And's Friday...time to unlock the shackles...escape from the cubbyhole and take off for a "kicking up my heels" day with the Friday Girls...probably dancing in the rain if the weather forecast is anything to go by.
Enjoy your day whatever you've got planned
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Good morning Kath. Thank goodness I am not the only one who doesn't believe in doing what others think you should do! Totally agree with you we waste water here, and as you have said when you have a dog and do the dog walking on days like today who needs to soak yourself for others to laugh at. Enjoy your day out, it's a pity the weather is so awful. Hazel x

  2. I am with you on this one Kath, I have got soaked a few times lately taking Mr H out and I cannot see how this is funny. Everyone to their own including the charities you decide to support, and that's what really matters, that we care, and support themx

  3. Good for you Kath.

    Hope the weather isn't too awful today but enjoy your day out anyway.

    Toni xx

  4. I do think you have had enough soakings Kath!! Each to their own I say - giving to the charities makes a pretty bold statement in itself. Hope you have a fun day. We are coming to the end of our holiday in the cold, wet south of England and heading home for mor of the same ...... Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Well done to you for not feeling you "have" to do the ice bucket challenge. (I've avoided it so far as I've recently had a foot op) I fear that big winners of it will be the big supermarkets selling ice.
    Have fun today. x

  6. Hi Kath
    I've just come across your fabulous Blog, what a Beautiful Part Of The Coutry you live and those fabulous walks, where I live we have to drive to find a nice walk for our two Spaniels, I'm now going to check out the rest of your Fabulous Blog.
    Hugs from Sam

  7. Well done on not doing the ice bucket challenge, agree with your sentiment entirely. Enjoy your day out x

  8. Great to see you bucking the trend Kath, it's a fun challenge but I agree so wasteful of water/time/energy etc and for some people life is not such fun for the moment and they can feel pressured to do it. Donating is a very worthy thing to do. Glad the furry boy has a wag in his tail again. Enjoy your sunshine if it returns, hugs xx

  9. Well said Kath, am in total agreement with you!

  10. I think you've embraced the Ice Bucket Challenge in the way it should be done Kath. Too many people are treating it as a good laugh at their friends' expense when it's meant to raise awareness of the charity and some money for them. Well done you!

  11. Hi Kath, the weather is so changeable at this corner of the world, every day can be a surprise. My grandson said "I'll nominate you Grannie" I said "that will be right, do you want my heart to stop" It's something for the young and daft folk, not for mature sensible people, but well done all the folk who have done it. I shall just donate to the charities, far easier. Yes I do think it's an awful waste of water, considering it's only meant to be an ice bucket. People always try to outdo each other and unfortunately can land up with someone getting hurt, this is not meant to happen. Well done Buddy on your diet, wish it was that easy for us humans. Hope the sun shines soon...Trish

  12. I agree with your reasons for not doing the ice bucket challenge,I too do not bow to following the flock.Like you we have donated.Love the pic of the sun out and the furry boy bless him.Happy Weekend.I return to full time doggy walking next week so am having a restful (said with tongue in cheek ) weekend crafting.Huggles and Cuddles for the gorgeous furry