Monday, August 18, 2014

On A Mission...

Hi looks as though Summer might be over...the mornings have turned a tad chilly and the kids are back to school today...their 6 week summer break seems to have passed in a flash although not all Mums would probably agree. Did I happen to mention we were taking time off for some holibobs...well after the events of the last 2 weeks and the drastic change in the weather...I've somewhat gone off that idea and fat chance now anyway...I'm back in the cubbyhole on a headless chicken mission to do serious damage to the long and never ending crafty list. A bumper parcel of goodies arrived from Craftwork Cards on Saturday and I've had a fun weekend making samples for the Create and Craft Show on Bank Holiday Weekend...
I was momentarily tempted to sneak in some cheeky peeks but can't afford any time out on the Craftwork Cards naughty step so you'll just have to have patience...believe me when I are so going to want this "Steph has done it again" new collection.
And on the subject of patience...I'm so proud of my Furry can't have been easy hobbling around with that awkward bandage not to mention the fitting of the "test the patience of a saint-adapt and overcome" waterproof drip bag every time he ventured outside but he's got far more patience than his old Mum...just takes everything in his stride and has been an absolute star.
I'm now moving on to the "Retreat At The Papeterie" mode...having lots of fun with Project 4 using American Decor Crackle Medium from Decoart...I've tried lots of crackle products over the years and this one is so easy to use and definitely ticks all my boxes...
a little sneaky peek for all the lovely "Retreat" crafters of what is still a work in progress project
and instead of sitting here waffling...I should be getting my work hat on for another busy day in the cubbyhole
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. That crackle looks great, I want some now. I wish I could go to the retreat and have fun. Its good to hear that buddy has his stitches out soon

  2. Sounds like Buddy is being a star over his op.

    The crackle project looks interesting and I look forward to seeing what you make for Craftwork Cards with your goodie bundle.

    I finally made something with the lovely goodies you sent me - a tatty little notebook has been given a new lease of life but now I probably wont want to use it in case I spoil it **chuckle**.

    Toni xx

  3. I'm going to start saving *now*, and am definitely signing up for the retreat next year! And I will take my mum too, because I think she'd really enjoy it. She's not a paper crafter (but she knits and sews and whathaveyou), but I'm sure she'll pick everything up as she goes along :-)

    I think Buddy deserves an extra special treat (of the non-edible variety!) and big hug for being so brilliant about the whole thing. x

  4. Love the crackle effect Kath and tried a few but this one looks really good.
    Glad Buddy is making such good progress x

  5. It is a real shame that you did not get a little holiday in but knowing you, you would probably be itching to get some crafting done!

    I love the look of that crackle and the poinsettia is fab-u-lous (in my best Craig voice!) Hugs to you and Buddy, Anne x

  6. We are still clinging on to summer in Cornwall lol.Kids not back to school for a couple of weeks.,sun is shining at the moment.Gold Star to Buddy bless him,so glad he is doing well.Love the effect of the crackle and poinsettia one of my fave plants at Christmas.Huggles,Big Cuddles for the furry boy.xx

  7. Beautiful sunny day here Kath. Love the look of your crackles creations. ( Can you please send me some of your inspiration. ) Glad Buddy is getting better too. Hugs Rita xxx

  8. great crackle their Kath and the poinsettia looks awesome - glad to hear Buddy is doing well! Hugs rachel xx