Thursday, August 14, 2014

Out and About...

Hi folks...I had the best day out yesterday with my lovely buddy Annie...we headed off to Mains Of Drum...little did we know it was going to be an all weather adventure and no mistake...sunshine one minute and monsoon conditions the's just as well the car was on automatic pilot mode because most of the time I couldn't see a darned thing even with the wipers on warp speed...

A nice relaxing lunch and lots of time for chatting...catching up on all the news before we headed to The Papeterie for a little bit of retail and a slice of the absolutely delicious cake Annie had made for me along with this gorgeous tag...
time spent with a lovely friend was just what I needed after a traumatic week.
The Papeterie is now stocking Americana Decor Chalk Finish Paint from Decoart...I used to use Decoart Acrylic Paint in my ceramic days and know that it's top quality so I'm home with a pot of their Crackle Medium to try out for one of the Craft Retreat projects...anything that doesn't move will be crackled...just saying...
and talking of inanimate objects...the patient is taking the vet's advice of lots of rest and gentle recuperation very seriously...
we're back to the vet today to get the wound checked out and all being well...fingers crossed for a smaller dressing or better still none at all.
And I've got to get my work hat on and get busy...busy...there are Kath's Klub projects to organise...projects for The Retreat at The Papeterie to finish off and kit and in between I need to put my thinking cap on for the project for the Fiskars Workshop at The NEC in November and start to source materials ready for that great big kitting marathon BUT first...I'm having a little playtime with this month's "12 Tags of 2014" tag...I'm just waiting for the texture paste to dry and then it's messy hands here I come...
but I'll be keeping an eye out for the postie this morning...I'm waiting for a brand new kit from Craftwork Cards ready to make samples for the Bank Holiday Weekend shows on Create and Craft and I have a sneaky feeling you are going to absolutely love this one too...just saying. I'll see you all tomorrow to share the project I made for my monthly post over at the Craftwork Cards Blog
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. What a lovely place for lunch!! And Buddy is certainly following Doctor's orders. Hope all the news is good at the Vet's!! I wish I knew how you get so much done in one day!

  2. Loved reading your post Kath and I'm really pleased to see the furry boy is doing ok and taking the sofa duty seriously. Chris x

  3. Good morning Kath, so glad you had a great day out, even if the weather up here in the north east is terrible at the moment. It's surprising how a day out with good friends can cheer one up. Glad Buddy is doing as he has been told, he looks so chilled out. Hazel xx

  4. Love your Christmas bag yesterday. Good to see Buddy following advice, hope all goes well today. Glad you had fun yesterday x

  5. Hi Kath such a beautiful place for lunch and e in better with a special friend. Fingers crossed for Buddy today. X

  6. What a lovely place to visit. Buddy seems to have gotten into Dr's orders mode - doesn't he look like a fluffy golden sweetie laying there snoozing.
    Have fun playing with the tag when the paste has dried.

    Toni xx

  7. Glad you have a lovely (if wet) day with Annie, the tag she gave you is beautiful! Loving the look of your Timmie tag too. Mine is done but I am just not sure.... Hugs, Anne xx

  8. I'm glad you had such a lovely day out, and that buddy is resting. He looks so sweet sleeping there, I just want to give him a cuddle!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished tag! I've just started playing with texture paste and all ideas and tips are welcome! lol. x

  9. Hi Kath
    Glad you had a nice day out.Hope it's all good for the gorgeous Buddy.Looking forward to seeing your samples.
    Love Angela x

  10. Ha ha,LOVE your sense of humour,fab pics too,so glad you enjoyed your day out.What a really lovely pic of Buddy bless im,good luck at the vets.Great projects as always.Huggles xxx

  11. What a lovely tag your friend made and yours is looking interesting too! Look forward to seeing it finished.
    Still waiting for a call from the vet, myself to see how my old boy's doing. Hope the news is as good as yours was.
    Thank you, Jan

  12. So pleased that Buddy is doing OK Kath. The rubber ring is such a good idea - much better than the "cone of shame". However, it does remind me of my nursing days when we would sit patients on a similar ring after haemorrhoid operations. One poor lady had a visit from her Vicar and as he left she was desperately trying not to laugh and bust her stiches as his parting words were "Never mind my dear - it's all behind you now"! I'm sure that Buddy is glad that it's all over too and I hope that this doesn't recurr again. My news on my sister not so good so no doubt will be heading off in that direction again soon. Meanwhile I am in a recording studio tomorrow - playing my ukulele and singing my heart out - how good is that?? Life is full of contrasts. Hope you have a good week-end. love Susan X

  13. Hi Kath :-) now back in the land of wifi so can catch up with blogs etc. thank you so much for providing such a lovely day on Thursday.....I thoroughly enjoyed our catch up and The Papeterie was amazing as I don't often get the chance to see and touch crafty stuff. Even better was the rummage and fab purchases from the sale bin!!

    Glad you enjoyed the cake, x

    Take care and hugs to Buddy......he looks so comfy

    Annie x