Thursday, August 21, 2014

In For A Penny...

Hi folks...they do say when you're in deep doo's best to come "in for a for a pound" confession of all outstanding misdemeanours so they can be taken into account before the jury declares it's verdict...will I be sent down or will the usual "I suffer from a terrible addiction" mitigating circumstances still wash.
I have to admit I have overstepped the mark on this occasion...there's been a definite blip in the "must-have" brain wiring...what on earth came over me...why did I feel I had to have this particular bundle of goodies right now...tout suite...immediately...
a Mask Storage Unit...when they're perfectly happy snuggled up in a box...
 a Pallet Art Shelf Kit when I'm running out of cubbyhole wall space...
 and not one but 2 Pallet Art Set Kits...
which all require putting together before they can be decorated. Now my friends will tell you that this will be a huge logistical challenge for this dopey old crafter who's well known for charging in like a bull in a china shop and only feels the need to consult the instructions when it all goes pear shaped and considering the top of the list items for decoration...the Idea-Ology Bits and Pieces Storage Units from the MDF Man at The NEC way back in March are still sitting nude and undecorated...
there's very little chance of the new boys coming out to play anytime soon...more than likely they'll be consigned to that know the one...the "crikey I'd forgotten all about them" box. But am I suitably chastened...have I learnt my lesson...for the benefit of the judge and jury...that's "definitely M'Lord" but just between that the slate's been wiped clean...probably not.
And I had to have a little giggle at some of your comments and e-mails about my current dilemma...I've been teasing you with my tongue in cheek humour...Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards aren't bare just yet and I'm not heading for the workhouse anytime soon but what's wrong with bread and water new culinary addiction...sliced Tiger Bread from Aldi spread with lashing of home made strawberry jam...
proper "real" bread bringing back childhood memories of cycling off to the horses after school...steering with one hand and the biggest jammiest piece ever in the other...tasting a whole load better than the mass produced "mouth full of cotton wool" "crusts removed" rubbish of today.
And if you're still with's the Furry Boy's big day...stitches removed and dreaded lampshade back into storage....yippee.
See you all tomorrow in "The Potting Shed"
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oops! Someone's going to be busy - can't wait to see these all decorated up Kath. Piece and (don't know how to spell it) Jeely (typed as my Glaswegian Grandpa pronounced it) ... perfect for this cold weather! Have fun and hope Buddy's visit to the vets goes to plan. Hugs, Julie xxx

  2. That toast certainly looks tempting, as I am sitting here eating my bowl of grapes - it's the dreaded diet! That pallet thingy looks very interesting.... look forward to seeing more.

    Please give Buddy a big hug from me, I bet he will be very brave.. Hugs, Anne xx

  3. I have a pen unit which is still nude, always to busy and more important things to do than decorate it, maybe one day x

  4. There has been a 'put-it-together & decorate' desk tidy that keeps calling to me but as it is rather expensive I have managed to resist (just).

    I bought some lovely plum butter (smooth jam made from very ripe plums) from our local WI - on toast it is scrummy.

    Bet Buddy will be glad to say goodbye to the lampshade.

    Toni xx

  5. So what you're saying is, we'd best not be holding our breath in anticipation of the beautifully decorated results?
    And I'm so with you on the bread! x

  6. Oooo, I would love to see you up against Judge Judy, Kath!! Inothing criminal mind you. Have great intentions too, love those drawers, maybe get my hands on some sometime! Buddy will need a partner in crime to do a happy dance once the stitches out and his collar off. Piccies please lol!! Hugs to you both. Carolxx

  7. Hi Kath. I will put you out of your misery. NOT GUILTY. Oh, that Tiger bread is delish!!! I am with you on that one. Only I make wild plum jam,yummy!! Hi Buddie. Have a great day both. Hugs. Jan. xx

  8. Haha I'm like, there's just not enough time in the day to decorate things as nicely as I want them. I must admit I had a laugh when I saw the picture of buddy in the lampshade. He must be glad that's all over now

  9. Hi Kath
    You are not on your own,I have lots of 'Oh lovely to decorate' things still waiting.
    Good luck Buddy,hope all goes well.
    Love Angela x

  10. Oh Kath,what have you done hee hee.You do brighten up my day.Love the jam n bread yum.Can't wait to see your creations.How's the furry one doing,is he behaving bless him.Big Huggles and Big cuddles for Buddy boy.xx

  11. hiya Kath - I love all of your new purchases but I too have a 'that box' ..... funny how full it gets yet we still need stuff! Big Hugs Rachel p.s. hope Buddy goes okay getting his stitches out xx

  12. Hi Kath, I have to agree with you about nice fresh bread! I usually make my own but my mate took me shopping yesterday and I indulged in an uncut sandwich loaf and had a thick slice with cheese when I got home...lovely!!
    As for your little MDF addiction, I'm certain that you'll get over it soon and actually get around to decorating everything. I have to say I love the storage units that are awaiting your creative touch, I could really do with something like that in my craft cave lol. x

  13. Hi Kath, all that MDF things look great, but the toast and jam looks really good. You'll get them done some rainy day I'm sure, you're aye so busy making other things. Glad Buddy will be getting back to normal, his scar will be itchy... Trish

  14. Oh I have just bought some Tiger bread this afternoon from Aldi and lovely as you say Kath. Not sure what to say about all your goodies except at the time you needed them, and I am sure you do. Good day for Buddy too x