Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weighing In...

Hi's your favourite bundle of golden deliciousness popping in to update you on what's been happening this week and it's far more serious than any silly cubbyhole crafting catastrophes...
In a's been a difficult week...I've started on my very portion controlled diet or torture might be a better word...everything weighed out meticulously...2 portions of 115 grams per day and that includes treats...she who must be obeyed is in charge of preparation so there's no opportunity to cheat...
The new gourmet dining sure does taste good...there's just not enough of's a special Weight Loss food and according to my lovely vet nurse...although it looks less it actually fills you up more...crikey what does she know...right this minute I could eat a scabby horse.  But I have my first weigh in tomorrow and after almost a week of being "don't have an option" good...paws crossed we'll see the digital numbers tumbling on the scales. And to add insult to injury...while this "so called" fatty can only dream of all those delicious doggy treats...the other "definitely" fatty member of the cubbyhole crew was tucking into a big juicy chunk of Aberdeen Angus yumminess the other night...
 with "I would love to get my chops around" super duper crispy home made chips...
and would you believe that my old crafty Mum had the cheek to be surprised that I was drooling all over her trousers but I'm planning on getting my own back today...woof woof...bring on The Ice Bucket Challenge.
sending Big Furry Hugs & Snuggles
from a very hungry and disgruntled
Buddy xxx


  1. Kath, we had to put Cooper on a diet in June .. He had been so spoiled, he refused all dog food except for canned Paul Newman organic beef! He has now learned to eat dry dog food, one cup per day. Occasional treat only. The weight is coming off slowly .. it was as hard on us as it has been for Cooper... he was so unhappy at first, and has adjusted a bit. Hang in there.

  2. Oh Buddy, I know it may not feel like it but your Mum is only doing what is best for you - good luck with our date with the scales.
    Toni xx

  3. Pooy you Buddy. Hope you get some more food soon. :)

  4. Poor Buddy it is so hard cutting down especially for such a fine looking boy like you x

  5. Oh Buddy, I feel your pain! Stick at it though and just think how much faster you will be chasing those rabbits! Hope the weigh-in goes well, will have my fingers crossed...... Big hugs, Anne xxx

  6. Poor Buddy but it will be worth it when you are a slender boy running along chasing rabbits and your poor Mum won't be able to keep up with you because she has been eating all that food. xx

  7. Oh Buddy, you poor darling thing. I feel your pain!
    It's not fair when you're forced to stay away from yummy treats, yet those around you are indulging at whim!
    I would try to console you by telling you you'll be the handsomest dog in town soon, but I bet you already are! ;-) x

  8. Hi Buddy. Good luck for tomorrow. If you have good news perhaps a small treat?? Big hug. Jan.xx

  9. Oh poor you Buddy x how cruel of your mum to eat such a fabulous, juicy steak with chips........and onion rings in front of you !!!!!! Never mind you will soon feel better, especially when you see your mum get iced water poured over her !!!!!!!!

    Huge hugs
    Annie x

  10. Whahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa your life is soooooo hard at the mo and your nurse is sooooooooo mean but means so well!! Sorry poor Buddy but you sure make me smile and that gorgeous plate of food.....think my next trip to the girls in Newcastle will take me up even further to taste it myself!!

    xx Irene

  11. Oh I am so sorry Buddy,but I nearly fell off me chair laughing.Now look,it's for your own good hee hee,and you will be even more handsome,think of the ladies who will admire you.Sending you Big Big Cuddles xxx