Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Quick Little Number...

Hi folks...well here we are at the beginning of another month...can you believe it's September sure is scary how quickly this year is going...before you know it'll be...CHRISTMAS but back to here and now. I've been busy working away at the Fiskars/Eclectic Elements magazine commission...2 projects to go. I had a bit of a lightbulb moment for using up the pile of little left over bits...the scraps I couldn't bring myself to throw away so I gathered them all up...cut out a pile of hexagon shapes using The Fuse and the Hexagon Die...with the intention of running up a "quick little number" pin cushion...
I found a tutorial online and set to work...hemming each hexagon around a slightly smaller hexagon shape cut from card...then settled down on the sofa to handstitch all the blighters together...pack in the stuffing...stitch the 8th hexagon in place to close...not to mention sewing on all those buttons...

it is very cute and I'm happy with how it turned out but my eyes were out on stalks by the time I'd finished the miles of handstitching. If you're an experienced sewer blessed with lots of  patience it would probably be a piece of cake little project but I'm assuming that most of the readers just like me will not fall into this category so I've decided not to include my "quick little foot" project in the magazine commission...after all...the step-by-step instructions might read like this.
Time to Complete: 7 hours
What you will need: Fabric...needle and thread...
lots of patience...
20/20 vision or spectacles with lenses like milk bottle tops...
and many many cups of coffee
and if that didn't put you off...well you're braver than I am. The fabrics I used are
Photo Card Multi
Correspondence Taupe
It's back to the "you win lose some" drawing board today for Project No 3 then.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Kath,it is such a joy to see all the projects you make. When you said you were making a pincushion,I envisioned one the size of the little red one that you see everywhere. Yours is beautiful !! I think you will always remember the effort you took in making it. i love all the pretty buttons and cute little trinkets,especially the scissors. The material you pieced together is so pretty.
    I bet Buddy was right there by you the whole time.So glad your precious doggie is fine now. Give him a hug for me and maybe sneak one little treat . i won't tell.

  2. Kath it maybe took you a while, but your pin cushion is beautiful. It would make a lovely gift especially for a crafter if you include a couple of those gorgeous stick pins with it. Hazel xx

  3. Fabulous result Kath, it is gorgeous, love the fabric used and all the little embellishments. Ruth x

  4. Gorgeous. I used to do loads of patchwork when I was younger, even made a duvet cover! Not sure my eyes would be up to it now though

  5. This is lovely Kath, it's useful but so pretty too. Well done for completing such a worthwhile project x

  6. I assume you do not have plans for another dozen of these Great outcome despite the trauma! You win some and lose some don't you. Have a good week x

  7. Beautiful pincushion Kath - love how you finished it off with the buttons & charms.
    Toni xx

  8. I don't sew, but if I had a pincushion like this I may be inspired to start. Gorgeous! x

  9. what a gorgeous make Kath - the sewing would take me forever so I sympathesise - makes it all the more brilliant though x

  10. I love the list of instructions!! As a long time hand sewing lover you deserve a medal for completing this task Kath - love the fabrics (of course) and love the end result - it is beautiful and practical. Hugs, Anne xx

  11. Hi Kath
    What a lovely project,it's certainly the best pincushion I have ever seen.
    Love Angela x

  12. WOW,I ( I am bowing lol )am not worthy,you are sooooo clever.This is STUNNING,come on you must be pleased with it even if you did have a migraine after lol.Hugs xx Big Cuddle for Buddy xx

  13. Wow Kath, its stunning!!!!!
    I know what you mean though about taking longer than you think.
    Your pincushion though is so beautiful and all the trinkets/charms/buttons etc are the finishing touch on such a gorgeous project.
    Good to see Buddy is on the mend too!!!
    {{{{doggy kisses & hugs}}}} from my Reggie (staffy/bull mastiff cross)
    {{{happy crafting hugs}}}
    Marg ;0 xxx

  14. This is a gorgeous project! The fabric is beautiful and I love all of your embellishments!


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