Sunday, August 3, 2014

Have Suitcase...Will Travel...

Hi everyone...a very good morning from your favourite bundle of golden deliciousness...I've got my "not a happy chappy" face on this morning...
no-one bothered to tell me...the most important member of the cubbyhole crew I'm sure you'll agree...that we're on our holibobs and abandoning the blogging thing for a while...crikey how rude was that. I would have been happy to step in every day and keep you all amused with some cubbyhole titbits while the old crafty Mum...the person who's not in my good books right now...puts on her gallivanting hat and abandons me too.
But we'll see how long the blog embargo lasts...don't want to tell tales out of school but the novelty of the holibobs may be wearing off already because according to the boffins from the Met Office...August's going to be chilly and rainy...oops that's not going to go down well.
But there have been whisperings of loading up the car and taking off into the wild blue yonder and there's no way they can leave me home alone so I've packed my suitcase and I'm good to go...
but do you think I should pack my raincoat and have you any ideas where I can get doggie wellies in a hurry.
Big Hugs & Snuggles


  1. Buddy, it's good to be prepared! I don't think your Mum could leave you behind, but you never know ... sorry about the need for raincoat and boots .. have a great trip and tell your mum to get lots of rest.

  2. what an adventure Buddy.....even if wellie boots are needed, enjoy the rest and tell your Mum to do the same. See you soon x

  3. GlD to see you are all packed and ready to take off at a moment's notice. Of course your Mum wouldn't leave you behind. Maybe a doggie umbrella would do the trick for you. Have fun whatever x

  4. Buddy, hope you have a wondeful break. SEnding lots of hugs.

  5. Golly Buddy, I wish I could travel as light as you! I hope you have a wonderful adventure, if you do get away and that the weather is kind to you! Love and hugs, Anne xx

  6. Oh Buddy, I'm sure your Mum didn't forget to tell you about the holibobs - I think she was keeping it as a surprise. Hope the weather isn't too bad (you can never trust those weather folk) and that you have a lovely time.
    Toni xx

  7. Hi Buddy love the suitcase with just the essentials. Rain or shine enjoy the Hollibobs and keep an eye on mum.x

  8. Oh poor Buddy... Lack of communication can be most frustrating!
    I just had a very soggy few days in Aberdeenshire myself. But at least I managed to get my boxes of card stock from the Papeterie door to the car without destroying them!
    It looks like you have all the important things packed away there. Have lots of fun! x

  9. Hi Buddy, gorgeous photo of you there and if you are not trailed away today or tomorrow it's going to be sunshine for this neck of the woods. Our next door Pussy cat has been in the cat kennels for three weeks, so I'm glad to see that your suitcase is packed and ready to jet off somewhere with Mum. Enjoy your sunny days wherever you go...Trish

  10. Hiya Buddy - good to see your handsome if not amused face - I'm sure the CEO meant well - she was just trying to spare you the extra work! Glad you have your case packed - enjoy it wet or dry xx


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