Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back On The Hamster Wheel...

Hi folks...I have a sneaky feeling that Summer may be over in my neck of the fact it's been so chilly that it feels like Winter is just around the corner...crazy crazy weather...the chance of us enjoying some of those glorious September Indian Summer days of old is looking pretty slim.
Crafting's not much fun when your hands are blue...your teeth are chattering and you'd much rather be snuggled up on the sofa with a furry companion wrapped up together in his big fleecy dog blanket onsie but the crafty list is calling so the central heating's back on and we're planning a beavering away snug and warm day in the cubbyhole. That's the royal "WE" you understand...I'll be the one racing around on the hamster wheel whilst the other member of the team keeps the radiator company and entertains me with his tuneful snoring and dreaming of chasing rabbit woofs...who needs a radio...
The "Christmas With Tim Holtz" projects for Kath's Klub on Saturday at The Papeterie are done and dusted and it's sneaky peek time...stencils/stamps and Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a dusting of Distress glitter...

Another job ticked off the crafty list and while Mr Mojo's still in residence and seems raring to's time to get my Fiskars hat on and throw some ideas around for the workshop project at the NEC in November...crikey in 9 and a bit weeks I 'll be on my way to Birmingham and just in case there's a repeat of last year's snowy arctic weather...I'll be packing my Nanook Of The North long johns...enough socks to stock M&S and seeing as my personal Furry Hot Water Bottle can't come along...the all important cosy jammies.
But if I don't get this project underway...I won't be going anywhere.
Enjoy the bank holiday weekend everyone...see you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. OH, I will send you some of our 95 degree weather along with the humidity!! Our air conditioner is running nonstop!! A cool day sounds heavenly .. but not with the heat turned on yet!! Buddy looks none the worse for wear right now!!

  2. The temps really have dropped; haven't they.
    Love the 'Tim' peek.
    Saw your 'pallet' & gift-bag on C&C yesterday...fabulous.
    Toni xx

  3. Hi Kath, I like the sneak peak, look forward to seeing the whole card. Our lovely warm weather has disappeared but the suns out today so time to tidy up the flowers again... Trishi

  4. Hi Kath the samples look great and glad your Mojo's around to carry on with more treats. A few colder days but today the sun is back out even if for a short visit. Enjoy your day x

  5. No consolation but we are in the south for a few days and the heating is on here too! Love the sneak peek. Keep warm! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. I truly sympathise with you on the weather front.
    Can't wait to see the results of the workshop, as the sneaky peek promises so much loveliness! x

  7. Your projects are looking very cool - much like the weather here too! Brrr more like October down south too

    Happy Sunday


  8. Very slightly chilly in St.Agnes today,Oh ok I admit it I did put the heater on lol.Soooo lovely to See Buddy his usual self bless him.Your creations are always amazing,can't wait to see more.Hugs,Huge cuddle for the snorey furry boy xxx


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