Monday, September 29, 2008

What a HOOT

What a the car boot.....I haven't been to a car boot for absolutely ages and I had forgotten how much fun it sis and niece had a major clear out and suggested a car boot.....well I too need to have a major clear out but of crafty stuff.....I can't possibly have bought all this stuff....I think it's multiplying in the dark depths of my crafty cupboard.    Sheets and sheets of decoupage....when did I buy that and boxes of Christmas Peel Off's......that was obviously a mad moment.   Loaded up 3 of those fold down cratey things and off I set.      A cold, dark and windy morning and after the initial buzz of setting everything out.....just standing around I'm freeeezing...... Sis's table is off to a cracking start....£70 by I've taken in the princely sum of £2.00.....long way to go to cover the cost of the pitch.   But crafters are more discerning they don't turn up until 10 ish and slowly the tills are ringing.....well the lock and lock box is filling up.....a £1 here and 50p there all mount up.   I love the banter of the car boot and all the great folk you meet......catching up with old crafty mate Elaine who I haven't seen for ages but of course, you do meet the occasional numptie...but I can do long as they are buying stuff.   Before we know it's 1pm and time to pack up.    Everything that's left fits into one box so a bit of a result and a wad of cash to spend......I know.......on more crafty we ever learn.
The good news......Sis and I are off for our after piccies tonight on the antiwrinkle cream and a nice fat we are having a treat.....supper out tonight for the car booters.....and hey me thinks we might even run to fillet steaks.   The bad news.....I not only got lots of dosh at the car boot.....I also got a stinking cold.....yuck.
Craft day on QVC tomorrow......gotta get the TSV.....Cosmo Cricket Mega Bumper Pack of Deliciousness and might just be splashing the cash on some of my fave American Crafts goodies.    Catch up with you all later.......Love Kath xxxxxxxx


  1. Looks like you in for a few pounds these last few days ... enjoy spending it.

  2. Well done on letting your stash go! I have tons and it is made up with some bits I will never use (when did I buy those nasty peel offs I keep finding when I'm looking for something else?) but I still find it hard to let them go just in case I might need them for something..madness I know!!
    Anice xx

  3. sounds like a good day out- except for the cold
    Enjoy spending your pennies on other crafty goodies

  4. Wow I've only been missing over the weekend and I have to stop and catch my breath with all you've been up
    Gooooorgeous creative goodies... wrinkly cream testing (send some my way :-p) and boot sale selling too.
    Can't wait myself for craft day tomorrow even though I won't be spending...I still like to drool...rofl.
    Hope you cold doesn't make you feel too poorly.
    Chris xx

  5. Hmmmm. So you made pounds, are spending pounds and putting on the pounds with those fillet steaks LOL! Sounds like you had a great time -shame about the cold!
    Get well soon,
    SammieJay xxx

  6. Oh Kath sounds like a great time. Sorry about the cold though. Thanks for the heads up with the QVC.
    kim x

  7. He He ! I assume it was Thainstone - been there a couple of times and there IS definitely money to be made, but they can be a fussy bunch sometimes!
    Hope you enjoy your meal out!


  8. Brave you selling stash! I just could not 'just' in case I may need it heheheh!

  9. LOL, I bought the TSV too..but sadly was watching the day on record so missed out on some of the American Crafts stuff :(

    The car boot sounds like fun, you know it never occured to me to sell excess stash that way ... going to have to give THAT a go!!

  10. Lol you make me laugh Kath - the banter of the car boots is fun isn't it - although, I tried to sell my surplus down here and unfortunately it didn't go.... shame about the cold. Hope the meal was good xx


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