Monday, June 30, 2014

A Big Furry Thank You

Hey's yesterday's birthday boy...your adorable bundle of golden deliciousness...handsome devil though I say so myself...just checking in to thank all my lovely bloggy buddies for the birthday are all so sweet so I'm sending you all great big hugs and furry snuggles...
the joiner boys will be back today so while Mum is standing by the kettle I'll be poised ready to strike and hoover up any fact I keep our kitchen floor so clean you could eat your dinner off need for buckets and mops when I'm around. But no doubt they'll come armed with their pesky hammers and noisy drills...perfect opportunity you might think for some sofa time watching the tennis...well let me tell you the click clack of that blinking ball drives me crackers so I may just hop upstairs and snooze the day away on the duvet...better make sure my feet are clean first or I'll be on that naughty step again.
have a fun day everyone
and a big thank you to my lovely bloggy buddy Polly for the card that arrived by e-mail this morning


  1. Buddy,you grow more beautiful every time I see your picture.Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest doggies I know ( actually your mum keeps us up on what your doing . I love all the stories she tells us. Franklin joins me in wishing your and mum have a special day and that you get some delicious treats.
    Franklinis my little 6lb, 11 year old Maltese who is my constant companion.

  2. Snoozing the day away on the duvet sounds like a brilliant idea, not that you need any beauty sleep! Hope you enjoy your day whatever you decide... Big hugs, Anne xx

  3. LOVELY pic of you, Buddy


  4. Enjoy your snooze Buddy..Love the photo...Hugs May x x

  5. Hope you have a great day Buddy. Sending hugs.

  6. glad you had a great day Buddy! Snuggles rachel x

  7. Enjoy your duvet day Buddy, you must be exhausted after all the excitement yesterday.x

  8. A duvet day sounds just perfect - hope you had a great one Buddy.

    Hope your Mum got a few moments watching the tennis too.

    Toni xx