Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life is just one Big List....

Morning folks...I hope you are all enjoying your weekend whatever you're doing...the weather is a bit iffy this morning...the sun hasn't made his mind up yet whether to put his hat on or not and it's a tad chilly.  But of course it is still silly o'clock...oh yes the Furry Boy takes no prisoners even on a Sunday morning so I am going with the point in stressing and hey those extra hours in a day might just come in handy.
What's on the agenda for me today...probably catching up with those never ending household jobs or perhaps a day in the garden or if the weather misbehaves a snuggle on the sofa with a cuppa and the Sunday crosswords....yes I am having a "No Cubbyhole" Day.
Not that I am in the least bit up to date with the crafty stuff and with our Crafty Workshop for 30 lovely crafters on the 28th less than 2 weeks is one BIG LIST..eating sleeping and breathings LISTS...a list of things already done...a list of things still to do...a list of the things that can't be done until the last minute...a list for this and a list for that and a list to keep track of all the lists.and the Furry Boy's nose is a bit out of joint... his snoozy space in the cubbyhole has disappeared under a pile of room to swing a cat let alone a big snuggly Golden Retreiver.
And just to make sure that life in the cubbyhole is never dull and Mr Mojo doesn't get bored.....I've been working on some new ideas for future workshops....surprise surprise...could it be flowers and butterflies...

Just time for a quick cuppa before we head off for our morning stroll...our chill out time and definitely no lists allowed.  And because life in the cubbyhole is going to be a tad manic for the next week or so I am handing the blog reins over to my furry partner...we could hardly abandon all our lovely bloggy buddies who pop over every day for their cubbyhole hang onto your galluses folks...the Furry Boy will be keeping you company until Friday and he tells me that he has a few surprises in store...why do I have a sneaky feeling that this may be a decision I live to regret.
Pop back later when I will be sharing cards I made with this month's DT kit from The Ribbon Girl and today's the day for a brand new colour challenge over at The Ribbon Girl Blog.
Hugs Kath xxx


Sarpreet said...

Flowers & Butterfly sounds like a great combination. good luck with the preparation

Anesha said...

Hope you and Buddy have a lovely peaceful day today. Can't wait to see what he has to say, always love his posts.:) Hugs to you both. Anesha :)

Carol D said...

Hope you and buddy had a good walk this morning. The weather here is sunny but chilly time yet to warm up, but it's a bit windy.
Love the sneaky peaks. Hope you get to cross off those lists.

Have a good day.

Carol xx

weewiccababe said...

it's all go - and I can only imagine the cubbyhole is stuffed to the gunnels right now, because I'm getting a fair bit of earache about the state of the crafty space/bedroom at the moment too.
But, I made a big dent in the kitting last night with the eurovision on in the background
have a great day

kathleen said...

Morning Both hope you enjoy your stroll,we have more rain here so i think it will be a crafty day.
The flowers and butterfly look great.See you tomorrow Buddy.
Kathleen x

Jane said...

That little peek looks good!!
So wish I was let me know as soon as you have a date for the next one...I will be there come hail, rain or shine!!lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath, flowers and butterflies that's a great combination. Had to laugh when you wrote galluses that's a word my dad used to use. Enjoy your walk and have a lovely Sunday.


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