Sunday, May 8, 2011

What a Hoot...

Morning folks...oh yuck what has happened to the's dark dreich and chucking it down this morning and it was much of the same when I set off yesterday for the trip to Elgin....only to arrive to a lovely bright rain free morning and boy oh boy did I very nearly ARRIVE at Papercrafts Boutique in a spectacular fashion. Don't know about you but my bladder seems to be programmed to demand immediate emptying after a car journey so I quickly reverse parked the car in front of the shop and to set the scene the car park is on a slight slope. Toilet stop is now becoming a top priority...can't get the seat belt undone quickly enough...reached down to get my bag from the passenger foot well and suddenly had the feeling that the silly car next to me was moving....oh yes you've got it in my haste to get to the loo I had forgotten to put the handbrake on and I am picking up speed heading for the huge plate glass window of the that would have been one spectacular entrance but not one that Mrs Sugar Nellie would have been too happy about.
Thankfully the rest of the day went swimmingly and was just the best fun.....thank you to the lovely Karen and Kate at Papercrafts Boutique for inviting me along and for their wonderful hospitality...and of course a special thank you to all the lovely crafters who came along and joined me for my inky grungy day and yes folks I did drive home with hands that looked as though I had been howking tatties all day.

And how did the Shrink Plastic Demo go I hear you ask and under the watchful eye of the Mrs Sugar Nellie herself no pressure then....well numero uno didn't want to play ball but hey I wasn't standing for any of his nonsense and from then on we nailed it and for all those of you have lots of this stuff lurking at the bottom of a drawer...I will try and post a step-by-step how-to this week.
And as if my near miss of a spectacular entrance wasn't enough excitement for this old girl for one day...look what had arrived in the cubbyhole in my absence.....the goodies for our "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Workshop on the 28th May....will I be in big trouble if we have a little sneaky peek....

Lots of prepping and kitting to be done...I definitely need my very own MARIO the absolute KING OF KITTING...any volunteers...can't promise Starbucks but the kettle is never off in the cubbyhole and we might just manage to run to some yummy cake.
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


Suzie Q said...

Oh you make me laugh Kath now i need a wee!!!
beautiful samples so full of character x
if only i lived nearer i would help you with all your kits x
good luck x
Suzie Qx

Tertia said...

If I lived closer, I would be there in a flash to help you kit all of that. Might be the cake thats making me say that though.
Looks like you had a lot of fun.

lynne said...

Just a wee post to let you know how much I enjoyed your demos yesterday. Thank You

Ribbon Girl said...

So glad you noticed in time Kath!! Haggis and I would help you to kit if we lived a few hundred miles closer, Mary G x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great demo Kath full of lots of ideas.

Carol D said...

Hi Kath,

That Loo thing must be an age thing.
Looks like you had a fab day though.

Big Hugs Carol xxx

Ann Rosie said...

Oh Kath - you made me laugh at the thought of you trying to get out of your car without disgracing yourself meanwhile trying to stop it from making a grand entrance into the shop. Sometimes my bag has to be left in the car and retrieved at a later point as bending down if it is in the footwell can have a very undesired effect!!!
Would love to help you out with the kitting (if only I stayed closer!) but then I'd know what goodies we are going to be making - CAN'T WAIT.


Erika said...

Glad you got home safely, lovely to see you Kath. Fabby samples as always. I'm the same when I come to your neck of the woods...the little room in the shop is my first visit! LOL.

kathleen said...

Morning Both it is chuckin it down here as well.Looks like you had a great day yesterday.Love all your cards.
Have a good day.
Kathleen x

weewiccababe said...

OMG imagine trying to ram raid Karen's shop - oh you so wouldn't be asked back after that lol
Shall we do a bit of kitting up on Monday when I come over - just need plenty coffee fuel.
Loving the sneaky peeks - and that hardware looks fantastic

Christine B. said...

Morning, Oh what a vision you have given me. Can't stop giggling. I know what you mean about needing a wee in a hurry though. Your cards looked absolutely fantastic. Wished I lived near to you, I would definately be there to help you. Hugs x ChrisB

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

ROFLMAO! That's all I want to say!
Hugs, Sandra

Jane said...

Oh no that would have been an entrance!! looks like a fab day and those peeks look interesting!

Paula said...

I'll pass on the cake (I'll donate my share to someone Furry who shall remain nameless) but I'm very good at the kitting bit - prep is my middle name........ in fact I'm so good at it (according to my husband) that I have difficulties starting - I'm always preparing....... BLUSH! Seriously I'd love to help - I love doing things like that & when Mum was alive she always recruited me for such events. It's chucking it down between streaming (strĂ¥lande - can't think of quite the right English for it)
sunshine & the scaffolders are due to arrive sometime today.
I love your posts Kath - you have a way with words.
Paula (PEP)

Larisa said...

oh, so nice cards!!! Love the creative projects a lot!

Aud said...

Great demo yesterday Kath picked up loads of tips and ideas from you, weather not so good here just a perfect day for sitting in my craft room, card making and tinkering around with my new goodies that fell into my basket yesterday..Aud x

Sarpreet said...

That is funny, o dear. And i can imagine that as well the way you described it. Demos are fun. I miss them. I wish i lived nearer I would have been around helping you kit out. The cards are gorgeous.

hi, I have launched some blog candy in aid of charity, would appreciate any shout outs, please

Kat said...

Hi Kath, I can just imagine an unexpected entrance through one of those great big windows. Think you would have been really unpopular so good thing you didn't. Looks like you had fun with your demos, pity I was working till 12.30.

That sneaky peek looks really interesting, can't wait to see what we're going to do with these goodies!

Horrible day here too. Think I'm going to have two very wet smelly dogs if their Dad can stay awake long enough to take them for a walk!!

Kat xx

Kate said...

Glad you enjoyed your day in Elgin and managed not to ram raid the shop. Now that would have been a hard days work for me! As usual all the customers loved you can,t wait for you to come back. Take care Kate.x

Anesha said...

What a lucky escape Kath! Glad the rest of the day turned out great. Have a great Sunday and hugs to Buddy!

Lee said...

Oooooh my,soooo glad you did NOT arrive through the window lol, and got to the loo in time.\looks like you all enjoyed

Lynda said...

Oh Kath you do make me laugh - toilet stops are something of a joke here - it's the gravitational pull you see! I stand up.... I have to go lol.

I went in for a closer look at all those cards you made - they're fabulous - wish I was a little nearer too.

Love Lynda xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Kath I am so with you on the 'comfort breaks' lol! I must admit that sure would have been one hell of an entrance! Looks like you made some stunning creations they must have been drooling at your incredible work!
What a lot of goodies you have there for your classes, they are going to have a blast!
kim x

Jen said...

Too funny, Kath -- although I'm quite certain it wasn't funny at the time! Just wanted you to know that you are such an inspiration to me ~ one of your amazing cards inspired me to make this card for my Mom --

Hope you get your kits done quickly and can enjoy your day.

~ Jen @ Musings of a Crafty Mom

~ Ali Watson ~ said...

OMG Tena lady needed here what are you like???? Did you wear a balaclava? so glad you had a fabulous day.

Ali x

Linda S. said... are glad it was the other car moving, not yours. Know just how it feels. lol
I love to organize and label, so if I could swim across the big pond to help you kit, I would be there. Linda S. in NE

Kathleen said...

Can relate to your get me to the loo on time. I hope it is an 'age thing' as one commenter said otherwise we are both pregnant!!!
Looks like you did some fabulous stuff.

Kath x


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