Friday, May 27, 2011

A load of waffle....

Morning folks...I'm in a waffle kind of mood this morning so pop the kettle on...find a comfy sofa and indulge the old girl while I get a few things off my chest.  After weeks of planning and preparation...just one more day and I'll be kissing goodbye to those darned lists for a while....yes the big day is almost here and without tempting looks like it's all come together nicely.  Just one more dashing around to The Papeterie this morning to meet up with my lovely buddy Debbi  to set up..a trip to Costco to stock up on lots of lunch yummies for our lovely Girls Just Want To Have Fun crafters....grab a quick bite to keep the old energy levels up...check and double check all the supplies before packing up the car tonight and will I be having a feet up chill out with the telly kind of a night.  Doubt it because I have a problem that no amount of list making or forward planning can hair...that unruly mound of bird's nest material that sits atop my head has suddenly decided to do it's own thing....sticking out at odd angles and taking me ages to get under control in the I leave well alone and go for the clapped to my head on one side-just got out of bed look or the minute it sees the hairdryer-big hair Wurzel Gummidge look.  I've been blessed with the type of hair best suited for stuffing a mattress...the kind that goes into a frenzy of fizz the minute it comes into contact with moisture...they do say that your hair thins out considerably as you get I have to wait until I look like Methusalah before I can get up in the morning and just go.
But I am hopeful that I may have found the solution for another of my problems...yes another of those old age eyesight...was thinking that perhaps the crafty specs just needed a darned good clean or is it to do with the lack of daylight on these dark and dismal days....probably a bit of both but and if so there may just be some light at the end of the tunnel....a few weeks ago I received an e-mail from The Daylight Lamp Company...would I like to pop over to their online store and choose a daylight lamp to road test and voila he arrived at the cubbyhole earlier this week...
And I'm impressed so far...arrived in a sturdy box with lots of protective packaging so no danger of this boy being damaged in transit. However my heart sank when I spotted you know what...INSTRUCTIONS on how to put it together and you know me...I'm convinced I am missing an all important gene in the getting to grips  with instructions department...but can I manage this all on my own...if I can do it believe me anyone watch this space..
I've often thought of buying a daylight lamp for night crafting and those days when there's a lack of daylight but thinking about it was as far as I got....but now I have the chance to see what I've been I will be putting this boy through his paces and will be back to let you know how I get on....
In the meantime I leave you with a sneaky peek and will catch up with you all tomorrow for another challenge over at Penny Black Saturday..fingers crossed I get the posts finished off before the naughty boy...yes you know who I mean decides to have another strop.
Hugs Kath xxx


shirley said...

Good luck with the day light lamp!

I have two. One is attached to my desk and also has a magnify glass.

Smaller/portable one I always take with me on crafty weekends away.

CraftyC said...

Hello Kath, I bought the exact same lamp a few months ago and have to say it makes such a difference. The setup is easy, 2 clamps in box depending whether you want i on your desk or an easel. The lamp rotates to which is great. Enjoy

Ribbon Girl said...

Hi Kath - Hair - I'll email you with my remedies. Light: Andrea has used one for a couple of years and highly recommends. Mary G

kathleen said...

Morning Kath.I have one of the free standing lights I've had it for a couple of years now.I bought daylight bulb from them at the SECC for my ceiling light.They are ok as well.
Have a good day and hope you get your hair sorted.
Kathleen x

Wiccababe said...

oh you'll be up til all hours crafting now - I have a daylight lamp and I couldn't craft without it as I get next to no natural light in the bedroom for crafting.
hope there's milk at The Papeterie this morning cos I'm gonna need a coffee

Christine B. said...

Hi Kath, I will be very interested with hearing what you think about it. I have been thinking of getting one . I have a lamp and magnifier my friend bought me , but unfortunately it isn't a daylight one. I really struggle matching colours up in the evenings. Have a good day with your shopping. Hugs x ChrisB

Anne said...

Have fun ,you two , at the Papeterie this morning, sorry can't be there to help. OOOOOO not long now !!!!!!
Maybe a "WOAH" would help the hair problem !!!!
Anne x

lilyf said...

Good luck with the lamp Kate. You know if you ever decided to write a book, I am sure it would be a best seller.!

Rosietoes said...

I always enjoy your 'rants' as you put it Kath. They always bring a smile.
One wee thing though, be thankful you have a head of hair to wrestle with. Those of us with the opposite problem would give up everything - even crafting to wake up with the same dilemma every morning.
BTW the daylight lamp will bring a whole new dimension to your crafty exploits and we may even find you in the Cubby Hole very late at night.
Enjoy your day out, I'd love to be able to go to one of your classes but alas I live too far away.

Edna x

Sarn said...

Oh Kath I'm sure you'll have a whale of a time with your new lamp. I have one and it REALLY DOES make a difference.

Have a sticky bun for me while you're out today with your pals.

Hugs, Sandra

Crafting Queen said...

You will love your lamp. Hope it all goes well with the workshop. He is not a naughty boy :) lol Big hugs to Buddy. :)

nnalorac said...

Has to be the hair straightners for mine Kath. Tomorrows going to be a great success, trust me, looking forward to a real fun day out. Carolxx

NGCARDS said...

I promise you as soon as you've got the lamp set up you will wonder how you managed without one! lol xxx

Sue said...

Hello Kath,I do like your long chats,you do make me smile.Its got to be straightners for me.Good luck with your distructions.
Sue xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

You do make me laugh Kath. Hope the lamp works out, let us know. Marianne x

Carol D said...

Hi Kath,
Hope you have a good day tomorrow and everything goes well. Importantly have fun.

The lamps looks good, if you love it hope you don't have to give it back.

Hope the hair behaves, you could have a cut like my Brian, never has to worry about it,styles in a tick.

Big Hugs Carol xx

Joy said...

Oh Kath, you made me giggle so hard reading your blog post...I too some days have unruly hair...but reading about yours I could only picture and for putting things together..I think I missed that gene too...looking forward to reading as to what you think...sending hugs!

snirp said...

Hi Kath, I have had a daylight lamp for the past year but mine is portable and now wouldnt be without it. I know your day will be a roaring success. Cant wait to hear the goss!
Chris xx

mckinkle said...

Im sure I shouldnt have giggled as much as I did when reading your post, I wasnt laughing at you but with you! I do hope your hair plays the game tomorrow for your busy day as that will be the last thing you want to have to fret about!

I wouldn't be without my day light lamp, its perfect! Hope you enjoy yours too and they let you keep it as a Thank You!

Have a great weekend and big hugs to Buddy!

Keryn x

Graphicat said...

You will LOVE the lamp....cant live without mine myself! I even have a rechargable...take it to poorly lit crops with me! There's nothing like it!
Hugs to you and the Budster!

lynne said...

Kath, I've been trying to say 'Thank You' for the lovely things that you and your blog buddies said about my shrink plastic charm since Monday and the blogger thing won't let me! grrrr! I hope it works this time.
Hugs all round

Eveline said...

I have a standard desk lamp from IKEA attached to my desk with a daylight lightbulb (Philips energy saving lightbulb). And 2 small lamps with the same lightbulbs around the room. I can now see the difference again between white and cream paper. And it's cheap!

Kat said...

Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the daylight lamp. I've often thought about getting one as my craft area is a bit dim.

Can't wait for tomorrow. See you then.

Kat xx

Paula (PEP) said...

All my photos are done with the daylight lamp as that way I don't have to disable the flash so often. As to hair - I'd lend you my husband......he's always taming mine......but I think you might stop speaking to me by the time he's finished!
Paula (PEP)
All the best with the venture & I shall be thinking of you.

fionalawlor said...

Hiya :)
I have been considering one of these lights for a long time also....and today my regular desk lamp broke so I will be eagerly awaiting reading your views on it :)
Fiona x

Sarpreet said...

I wish i would get emails to road test stuff! I love the instructions, my dad chucks them away until things go wrong then will have a look. Look forward to your review. I loved your last weeks stunning Penny Black card, this weeks preview looks like its another stunner.