Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This..that and lots of the other...

Morning folks....I'm a real early morning bird...always up and about at bright and early silly o'clock even though there are no pressing deadlines to be getting on with...for me it's the best time of the day....sitting outside with the first cuppa of the day....
and yesterday was such a gorgeous sunshiney morning....I went back for second helpings.   I love the peace and quiet of early mornings before the rest of the world is up and about...just the birds and The Furry Boy for company...
until this cute little fella buzzed onto the scene....busy collecting pollen and busy busy he certainly was..visiting each and every flower on this huge bush...
And the Daylight Lamp is up and running...I managed to assemble it all by myself....a piece of cake really...took just a few minutes...
So watch this space folks....will be putting it through it's paces over the next few days that is if I can get myself back into the crafty swing...I seem to be all crafted out so rather than battle with Mr Mojo...I'm chilling and having a break from the cubbyhole....just wish I could have joined the Lord of All Things Grunginess and Mario on their Alaskan Disney Cruise...not that I was invited to let you understand but I'm sure if I just turned up...they would have been pleased to see me....a girl can dream eh.
In the meantime I leave you with the gorgeous card Sandra sent us as a thank you for her Sewing Canvas....
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Kath, I know what you mean. Ihave just spent the last 45 minutes in the garden letting my chickens out for the day and listening to all the baby birds chirping away - lovely!

  2. Morning Kath and Buddy, you seem to have lots of fine weather, last week I was up in your part of the world (didn't realise though), shame on me as if I'd known I could have come and said hi and had a fuss in person with the handsome Buddy himself.
    We had rain all day yesturday though we did need it, and just to say you do live in a beautiful part of the world, how far out of Aberdeen are you, you never know we might have driven by and never known as we did over 1000 miles on our trip and went to loads of places big and small. We stayed about 100yds from Toulquorn castle -hope I've spelt that right, about 5 miles outside Ellon where exactly are you and Buddy?
    Higs to both and enjoy your peace with the buzzing bees and cuppa.

  3. Morning Both another early bird here.It is lovely out this morning.What a difference a bit of sunshine makes.I am off for a walk shortly so enjoy your relaxing time.
    Have a good day.
    Kathleen x

  4. Morning Kath, It was miserable here yesterday, but today the sun as got his hat on and he's come out to play. Unfortunately I'm off the work in a bit. Never mind fingers crossed he'll still be here when I finish. Have a lovely day whatever you do. Hugs x ChrisB

  5. Enjoy your lovely mornings. Here I am also up early, but with a nice hot cuppa to warm me. Warm wishes from a cold and sunny South Africa

  6. Enjoy the break Kath and Buddy - it's sunny but cold NE England, must admit I've had the heating on since 7am! Mary G x

  7. Morning Kath

    I love early morning peace & quiet too . . . but don't often get it as I'm LAZY and love my bed too much! But on the odd occasion I get up early and the sun is out, it is BLISS!

    Thanks for the "shout" on your blog this morning. Very kind.

    Once you feel like crafting again, I'm sure that lamp will be REALLY USEFUL - I know I love mine.

    Hugs to you and Buddy,

    Sandra xxx

  8. Hi Kath, isn't it lovely today. The dogs are outside enjoying the sunshine. I've been skiving instead of hoovering! Well a girl's got to have her coffee, doesn't she? Best finish the hoovering though as the boys'll expect a walk before I go to work. I've not achieved anything since Saturday but I'm itching to alter something if I can get my paws on some paint!

    Kat xx

  9. hi Kath, i think it is something in the air - i do not feel like crafting either. But would love your opinion on a day light lamp - I have thought about one of those. And i know this sounds like an odd question. I have an ordinary lamp - which after a while, generates some heat and i get hot. Does this lamp does the same? And where can you get replacement light bulbs from?

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  11. Morning Kath, Please tell Mr. B. that he is looking especially healthy and handsome in today's pictures. You are always commenting about your unruly hair...don't you wish you had his beautiful locks? Linda S. in NE

  12. Very wet here yesterday but gorgeous views over the Beacons today - & this evening the weather may have turned into MR SUNSHINE.
    Think you deserve a rest from the craftiness for a bit...... just enjoy the lack of deadlines.
    Paula (PEP)

  13. Hope you've had a good day , Kath and found your way back to the cubbyhole making more fab creations .
    Or did you jet off to join the boys on their cruise ????? he he !
    Anne xxxxxxx


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