Sunday, May 22, 2011

My winners

Good morning to all my lovely bloggy buddies from bonny Scotland...yes the sun's got his hat on this morning and I'm chomping at the bit to get away for my morning stroll...just waiting for the Crafty Girl who's having a wash and brush up in the shower and what a rigmarole that is....slapping on handfuls of cream...the battle to get the bird's nest hair under control and then out comes the toothbrush which makes the most annoying buzzy noise...what a palaver before she can set foot out the door....ME I just get up and go and if you want sparkling clean gnashers like me girls...forget scrubbing away with a toothbrush and save yourselves a visit to the nasty dentist man into the bargain...get yourselves a supply of bones and chew regularly.
But I can't stay and chat with you all bunny friends are waiting to play a game of it's time to announce my 5 winners from last week.

Please e-mail us with your addresses folks and we will get your goodies off in the mail....loves you all and a big big thank you for joining me in my week of blogging and a special big THANK YOU for saving Daisy...£2800 raised so far.
Big Hugs & Furry Snuggles


  1. Congrats to all the winners and well done on the money raised that is really swell - happy days! Shaz in Oz.x

  2. Morning Both.I can't believe i am a winner thank you so much.Buddy you are so lucky to have sunshine it is blowing a hoolie here and chuckin it down.Enjoy your stroll.
    Kathleen x

  3. Congrats to all the winners..and good news on Daisy...thats wonderful!

  4. hi Buddy, I have really enjoyed your week on the blog! and thankyou for making me a winner. I am really chuffed. So pleased. I do enjoy reading this blog. I only wish I was half as talented as your mum and managed to get into more design teams and magazines.

    I made a post about Daisy on my blog. I am so relieved and pleased to hear that he is having his operation. What a huge nice thing for Kirsty Wiseman to do. I wish could raise as much money for Cancer Research UK, I am failing there on my blog. I will spend time on my shop today - retaking pictures and adding new items. (plus i think your mum is uber talented too - she is the cause of my Penny Black Addiction - and the card from yesterday - WOW! Super stunning, i made a count of how much I have spent on Penny Black stamps - £900! whoops... )

    I do try to get to your blog each day, but try to comment as much as possible. Take care (off to send the email) x

  5. I had to come back and leave an additional comment - i have ideas already! thank you so much for your generousity.

  6. Congratulations to all the winners - a big thanks to Kath for allowing Buddy to give away such lovely stash. Well done Buddy on a week of entertaining blogging. And sigh of relief that Daisy can now have her op.

  7. I'm with Kathleen . . . I can't believe I've been lucky enough to win such a gorgeous prize. You are SO generous.

    Enjoy your bunny chasing this morning Buddy.

    Big Hugs, Sandra xxx

  8. Well done everyone. An amazing amount of money raised too. Linda x

  9. Congrats to the five lucky winners!
    Good news about Daisy.

  10. Well done to all the winners,you woulnt want to walk in our weather Buddy or you Kath,its wild out there.
    Sue xx

  11. Congratulations to all the winners!!

  12. Congrats to all the winners. Hugs to you both x ChrisB

  13. Congratulations to all the winners, lucky girls!

  14. Well I think you deserve a round of applause Buddy - or perhaps an extra juicy bone might be more to your taste.
    Paula (PEP)

  15. Love the photo Buddy and congrats to your winners. Have a wonderful day. Hugs Anesha