Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On a roll...

Morning folks...I had a blinder of a day yesterday...lots more jobs ticked off the list and the badges if I say so myself were a dream once I sorted out the logistics of how to get the fastener to stay in place. I just couldn't figure it out at first...pathetic I know and I often wonder how I ever managed to become a Fiskars Demonstrator working with gadgets and tools because honestly when I am set a task that comes within a hundred miles of the technical spectrum...my brain goes to mush and my co-ordination skills are pants. And as for instructions...they are like a foreign language...if a door says "PUSH" times out of ten I will "PULL"...get my drift...so the completion of the badges I think merits a great big round of applause....a cuppa and feet up for the rest of the day. Unfortunately I am the slave as well as the boss around here and usually The Boss Lady gets her way...so that is definitely not going to happen anytime soon.
So what's on my list of things to do today....first up's and top priority is to get creative with my Project of the Month Kit from Craftwork Cards....Mr Mojo has been chomping at the bit and nipping my head big time and if I don't get a move on before I know next month's kit will be popping through the cubbyhole letter box.
But first it's time for our morning stroll...
do you feel lethargic and have that can't be bothered feeling when you first get out of bed...yes me too but a walk in the fresh air...come rain shine or blowing a hooley is a great way to kick start the old body...get those achy bits working again and there's nothing like the simple pleasures of Nature to put things into perspective...
and by the time we are ready to head for home....I'm usually wide awake..the old body has loosened up and I'm raring to go.
and oops...I have fallen foul of that old temptation thing again...must have been last in the queue when willpower was handed out...yes I have pre-ordered my Timmie Tote from Inspiration Emporium....
how could I ignore Mario's tweet of a 10% discount code and with carriage to the UK only $10...the total came to £26.20...an absolute steal and you can't possibly expect me to wait until they make their way across the pond...can you.  And will Mr Bloggy please stop playing silly bloggers by removing pics from this post.
Catch up with you all tomorrow over at WOYWW
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: For all those folks who are dying to know which one I chose...loved the Butterflies but finally plumped for Subway Signs....a reminder of all the lovely times I've spent in NYC.


  1. Thanks for the new photos of Buddy Kath. Well done on getting so much of your tasks completed!! Bet you can't wait for you new bag to arrive. :) Hugs to you both.

  2. What a lovely walk Kath. Think I will have to get a dog to get me out and walking!

  3. Morning Both.What a day yesterday.Apart from the weather Mr blogger was playing sill beggars and wouldn't let me comment on any blogs.The new goodies look fabby.
    Have a good day and don't work too hard.
    Kathleen x

  4. Ha - I know the tech stuff - I'll always do the opposite & give me a manula & I get in such a tangle nobody can follow the instructions for untangling apart from possibly my ever despairing husband. Looks great walking. Badges look great ......how many did you order??? 2 by the time my maths got into gear. Get well wishes to Karen too.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Oh yes . . . a round of applause going your way for the getting over your technical difficulties Kath!

    Great looking badges and your walk looked good too!

    Hugs, Sandra

  6. Gorgeous bags, which one did you pick?

    Liz x

  7. Great badges Kath. And great bags, wonder which one you chose?

    Kat xx

  8. i loved the walk photos. and what a swishy tail mr buddy has.....and oh wait a moment,......name badges.....there's mine!!!!!!!
    so excited! canny wait! Love teen xx


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