Thursday, September 5, 2013

Everything's Gone Wonky...

Hi favourite topic of conversation...the one that has us all whooping with delight or mumping and moaning...yes it's our good old changeable British weather and it hasn't half gone a bit day there's definitely a chill in the air and I'm packing away the summer duds and the next the sun's come back out to play but enjoy it while we can folks because I'm sure I won't be enjoying my first cuppa of the day outdoors for much longer...
Now the observant folks amongst you will note that the Slipper Monster has been at work again...oh yes there is a matching pair out there somewhere but I'm darned if I can find it and The Furry Boy is keeping that particular closely guarded secret to himself which means I'm in wonky walking mode and definitely avoiding answering the door or venturing to the shops in my slippers...yes that does sometimes happen.
And my plans for the weekend...a bit of shopping to stock up the "Mother Hubbard" larder...catching up with the dreaded household chores and perhaps a lazy Sunday with my feet up and exercising the old brain with the crosswords have also gone a bit wonky...I'm off on my travels again to Sheffield...yep Sheffield in South Yorkshire...a "bit far from home" little jaunt in response to a "can you help us out" plea from Fiskars. Mr Fuse and I will be strutting our stuff at the local Hobbycraft on Saturday...a 7 hour train journey down tomorrow and the same back on Sunday so that's taken care of my weekend but hey ho...lots of time for catching up on my many crosswords can I complete on the journey...much scenery admiring and no doubts lots of cuppas to pass the time and if you live in that neck of the woods....I would love to meet you. I love travelling by restriction about carrying sharp pointy things on board and no weight allowance rules for your baggage which is just as well...
so far it weighs a ton...much of the space is taken up with the demo kit and samples so it looks like I'll be travelling light in the what to wear department...may have to be Fiskars apron and a spare pair of knickers and I'll be searching out a nice hunky man at the station fluttering my eyelashes or playing the frail old lady card to get this heavyweight on everytime.
Don't forget to tune in to Create and Craft today at 10.00am...4.00pm and 7.00pm to see the fabulous Julie Hickey and wonderful Craftwork Cards goodies including the brand new absolutely gorgeous Christmas Post Collection...
Whatever you've got planned for the weekend...enjoy and I'll see you all tomorrow for this month's challenge over at Penny Black Saturday
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh how I wish you were in sheffield when I was in England for the month of August. I would have signed up for your class!

    Hope you have a safe journey and a fun filled weekend. I think you need a backpack for some cute clothes! Knickers and your apron are just not going to suffice!

    We had a commercial here a couple of years ago...a lady was having a dinner arty and was wondering around her house doing the final touches...smiling with pride at her
    work. The doorbell rings nd she stops at the morror and checks out her hair...smiling again that she looks so great. She turns to open the door and you see that she has her top and ruffled apron on and no skirt...just knickers! teehee

  2. Me again...sorry about the spelling...still shattered with jetlag!

  3. Kath, Where do you get your energy from...I would love to be there but too far from home for me...Have a fun time & dont forget to pack your camera so we can see your lovely journey..Hugs May x x x

  4. Hi Kath, I did have a laugh at your discussion on FB about the knickers etc.... and a big smile about your slippers this morning - I would love to know where Buddy puts them all! Hope you take some time to just relax on the train too. Enjoy your time in Sheffield dear lady. Big hugs, Anne x

  5. Hope Buddy tells you were the one one is hidden. :) Have fun at your Demo.

  6. Hi Kath - hope you have a fab demo day - itsa long old haul for you - hope you do find some nice man to lift your case onto the train for you! Maybe Buddy will have unearthed a matching pair of slippers when you get back! Have a great time x

  7. Soooo - a busy weekend in store for you Kath... enjoy (wish I could be there!) Safe journey.
    Heather W

  8. I thought I was seeing things with the slippers! Hope you have lots of fun in Sheffield. Take lots of pics so you can share your adventure with us. Thanks Valxxx

  9. Hope you have a great time in Sheffield. Managed to miss Craftwork cards on CC again! We had our annnual village fundraising lunch today and this year the theme was the sixties. Up very late last night making 180 vol-au-vents cases ready to fill this morning (two each for the starters) but it was all worth it to get my Dusty Springfield eyemakeup on again and wear my ban the bomb earrings and necklace not to mention my groovy psychedelic tunic found in a charity shop! Those were the days....X

  10. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!
    Alison x